Saturday, March 11, 2017

Saturday Morning Reflection (27): The Flu

This week was a blur of illness, the flu to be more accurate. More on that below.

Outside My Window... Though the clouds are breaking to reveal a blue sky, the sun remains hidden and the air is cold at 22 degrees. The wind seems calm for once, and the birds quiet.


School Time... Due to the flu we had an unexpected week break, one I would rather have taken in a few weeks and enjoyed it! It will mean figuring out a school schedule for holy week so we can still take off the week after Easter. Originally, I had both weeks off. We are, of course, behind in history and science. I'm trying how to fit that in better next year and still have a summer break.

We did, however, start a new co-op this week before I knew we had the flu. The families are mostly young, but the kids seemed to enjoy themselves. I volunteered to teach a Magic School Bus science class and a Legos one.



...for continued improvement in health from this flu.

...that my husband doesn't get the flu.

...that we can get our home ready and up for sale within the next month.

...for a financial situation of someone close to me.


Health News... The flu: 3-4 days of fever, body pain, and sleeping for days. The only one spared so far is my husband. Mr. D came down with it first. From the time it took to leave co-op and arrive home (30 minutes) he was shaking and starting on a fever. He had been absolutely fine all morning. Of all of them, he worried me the most with the amount of pain he was in, the intense headache, the vomiting (not keeping liquids down), and high fever. Thankfully, he is back to his sweet, sometimes funny, sometimes annoying ten year old self. The one I thought I would be most worried about did absolutely fine. While the kids are starting to bounce back and be themselves, I am definitely still fatigued by it, and I expect that'll be the case for a bit yet.


Today... I really need to get to a store. We have one roll of toilet paper left, one box of kleenex, and less than a day's worth of cat food. That's where I'll be, using up my energy, and trying not to spread germs. I'm also washing bedding, blankets, towels, etc. to start clearing out the germs.

This Week... Get back on track with my Nineveh 90 challenge. The flu threw that out the window. We have another co-op class and the regular weekly commitments. Otherwise, a fairly free week to recuperate and get back on track.

A Final Thought...

No thought this week. Too much TV. Too much sleeping. My brain is mush.

God bless.

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