Saturday, February 25, 2017

Saturday Morning Reflection (26): Getting Back on Track

The last Saturday Morning Reflection was nearly a year ago! My poor, neglected blog.

Outside My Window... Though I woke to clouds and sun it is now a dull, gray sky with cold-looking clouds and a good wind blowing the treetops. After a week of gorgeous 60-degree weather and sun, it is now back into the 30s and looks it.


School Time... We moved house to a small apartment and are in the process of selling our house. Last week, after a weekend of moving, we were able to stick to a normal school week. (I had to as the previous two were lighter weeks because I wasn't feeling well and prepping for the move.)

The "school room" is smaller and I can shut the door on it. It's funny how I went from "let's school anywhere" to I need a room to hide it. :) Really, though, the space is good. I had tears from one child because of how I placed desks, but it's worked well for this child as I put the desk off by itself, facing a closet door. No distractions!

Our gerbils are happily sleeping, digging, chewing, and building as we school so it's always fun to watch them.

Now's the time of year I start thinking about next year because I want a summer break too! It's always fun to plan. I keep debating over homeschooling with the girls, even with Mr. D this next year. Keep them home or send them? Then I hear a mom complaining of this or that and I think of being tied to a schedule, and I just don't know. I think if I were healthy and full of energy, it would be no question of keeping them home. But I'm not, so I doubt and I feel guilty.



...for continued thanks that a loved one has overcome addiction (it's been almost 5 months) and for continued prayers that he remains sober.

...for continued health for my kids. We've had a very lucky year amidst some yucky bugs in our town.

...for marriages.


Health News... The doctor changed my dose for my thyroid which has helped with symptoms. Health will always be a struggle. I am far from where I was last summer. I can actually say that most days are at least OK, if not good and occasionally great. I've started walking again which feels good. I'm sleeping better. Diet junk is a headache. I tried AIP again and while it does awesome things to my body in so many ways, it kills my stomach. So I need some kind of compromise. Still trying to figure it out.


Today... Get a promised basketball hoop. Do some light cleaning in the apartment followed by heavier cleaning at the house. Finish prepping for Little Flower's group tomorrow. Go see the Lego Batman movie and out to eat for an early birthday celebration for Mr. A.

This Week... Get back on track with my Nineveh 90 challenge. Lent begins! I need to whip up some quick family plans. Finish putting away the last stuff from moving. Clear out the house a little more so we can put it on the market. School of course (two more weeks and quarter 3 is done).

A Final Thought...

I'm trying! I'm trying!

God bless.

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  1. That is the scariest Sheen quote that I have ever seen. I don't want that, either. It reminds me of another quote by Garrigou: "It has been said that, if life is not on a level with thought, thought ends by descending to the level of life. All declines, and one's highest convictions gradually grow weaker." (Or, in other words, You have to FIGHT to stay in the LIGHT. :-) )


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