Sunday, February 19, 2017

A Mom's Nineveh 90: Week 1 Reflection

Today ends the first week of A Mom's Nineveh 90. It's also the end of a very long weekend spent moving house into a smaller apartment.

Goals vs. Reality

  • Monthly Confession - I still need to get my February confession in. This past week of moving did a number on any outings. I think tomorrow would be a good day for this. The kids and I can spend time outdoors at our local shrine, enjoying this beautiful weather we're having.
  • Accountability Partner & Group (my facebook group) - so awesome. The Facebook group is at 155 members but a nice handful communicate daily. It definitely helps my day knowing I have to post to everyone how well (or bad) it went.
  • Food (no fasting because I'm sticking to the AIP diet - no cheating!) - This went so well. I had a very brief transition/detox period. I have lost pounds of inflammation, my mind is clearer, energy is up, and my reflux is totally gone. Obviously something in my "normal" diet is causing problems. I really, really wanted pasta tonight but mostly my cravings are simply gone. Prayer? God? It's definitely not me.
  • Music - It's been fun finding new favorites. On my own, I did well except for one slip-up (but it ended up being fun with the kids). I did listen to other music if my husband had it on in the car or my kids were listening to something.
  • TV - This was harder than I thought, particularly at night when I couldn't sleep or didn't feel like doing anything. I think it's time to bring out some old hobbies. Maybe knitting for a cause? (I can't just do it to do it.) Or some woodburning?
  • The Computer - Yes, this was difficult. I wasn't 100% on this but I did go on way less than normal. I had to readjust with 3 check-in points of the day due to the group. So, as long as I got on there for that and off quickly, I was good. Hopefully this next week is even better!
  • Sleep... I'm sure the diet change and moving in the morning is helping with this but it was highly more likely my decrease in thyroid meds kicking in. It's amazing how a slower heart rate will let you sleep. :) It's still a struggle though - either getting to sleep or waking up. Last week we had a "light" school week to make up work and start moving little things so I felt I could get everything for the challenge in. This week will definitely test it as we're back to a full schedule, which means I need to wake up on time.
  • Exercise - Yes!!! I did it. Two days I couldn't quite do 30 minutes and yesterday I didn't do it all knowing how much "exercise" I'd get moving. I do this with my morning prayers which helps me to finish both.
  • Prayer/Reflection - Spot on but could increase adoration time (at home). Twenty minutes feels like an eternity! This really highlighted my short attention span lately. I do tend to do better if I'm doing something with my hands so maybe I can tie it in to a hobby? I'm also rereading The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis.
All in all, a good week I think! The energy and enthusiasm of the Facebook group helped, and I only hope it remains for the 80 days left of the challenge.

A Thought from the Week...

When does charity trump diligence? This challenge calls us to greater scrutiny and reflection of our daily lives, and deepening our relationship with Mary, and through her, God - which is a beautiful endeavor! But when does our "checklist" become a burden to others. Say, for example, a friend offers a handmade treat to share in good company. Is it better to refuse (because of personal goals such as this challenge presents) or to graciously accept and enjoy that moment? We should "never cease praying" and offering our day to God, but perhaps we should ask God to help us be aware the moment that our goals become a simple checklist. 

It's definitely something to think about, especially in doing such a challenge. 


  1. Very nice recap! You are so positive!

    1. Thanks, Neen. I try to be. It is definitely a decision and work in progress. Otherwise, I know very well I could easily turn into a negative grump.


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