Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Fall Thankfuls

Thanksgiving is tomorrow, Advent begins on Sunday, and I just wanted to share some fall thankfuls. Enjoy.

Our early fall get-a-way feels so long ago, but it was so needed and I am thankful we were able to do it and visit with family at the same time.

I am thankful for new and eager readers...

And for finding a few Catholic AND homeschooling families in my area (we're talking within a 30 mile radius). Here the kids are celebrating a special Mass at a local shrine by the Bishop and we also did something for the Nativity of Mary.

I am soooo thankful for new furniture! This is the new hanging spot in the house...

Especially with cozy, warm fires...

Our fall days have been gorgeous - warm and sunny overall. Until a few days ago, we only had a few nights around freezing. The 21st brought spitting snow, but the temps went quickly back into the 50s. What a gorgeous fall!


And sunrises...

I have a hard time spending time outside with the fall air and leaves burning around me, but what I could do, I did. We visited the zoo with cousins and finally were able to see the new aquarium. 

Filled with touchy-feely pools. Even Miss Z tried to touch a stingray.

We had a beautiful Halloween night as well. The rain held off until trick-or-treat was ending, and the kids had so much fun dressing up.

I am thankful for the gorgeous view out my back window, even with the ton of leaves that fall and a tree or two that needed cut down.

Catching leaves...

Watching the tree guys working...

Staying inside, close to me. So, so cute...

I am thankful for this crazy crew. Some days seem impossible, but others... a word, an action, a smile reminds me of how blessed I am.

I am thankful for finding handwritten notes here and there.

And for warm coffee in a cute mug...

I am thankful for dance. All the kids are in it this year, and are loving it. The countdown to Friday night dance begins Saturday morning. :) The three oldest are in tap together, Miss L also takes a ballet class, and Miss Z is enjoying a preschool class.

My husband and boys also do karate, which has been great for all them, but especially my husband. I am thankful he takes care of himself and pushes my boys to work hard.

(This was at my husband's testing for red belt. Mr. A is testing next week for his first stripe with green belt.)

Oh my goodness... I am thankful for this adorable, talkative, and social child. She is going to push me out of my introvert, stay-home preference. More nights than not, this is what greets me when I go to bed. It scares me a little actually!

I am thankful for kids who entertain themselves. We went for a family fun day (Lego Creativity Tour) and they have just as much fun riding up and down the escalator. And on getting off the highway to find a parking garage, we passed under the highway. The boys were in awe at the environment. We live in rural Ohio. Enough said, right?

I am thankful for art and creativity. We had fun with two paintings this fall: a scarecrow and a turkey. Most of my kids like to create, doodle, and paint. They love when I join them.

It's good for me too. Doodling and creating are very relaxing for me. And sometimes I come up with something useful, like my Advent Countdown for kids.

I am quite thankful for food. My kids eat, eat, eat. I have one kind-of picky eater, but nothing like I hear some parents complain about. My kids put away second, third, and sometimes fourth helpings. I am thankful I know how to cook from scratch - since I need to for our diet restrictions but also to help reduce the ever increasing cost of food.

But I do splurge now and again.

Like these French Fried Onions to make green bean casserole. :) And since I know how to make scratch cream of mushroom of soup - for gluten and dairy free - we can have it as a special treat this holiday. I can't even remember the last time I had it. 2008 holidays maybe???

I am thankful my parents were able to visit for a week. We really miss having them close by.

I am thankful for living grandparents still...

And for a crazy cat who is such a family cat. He loves tulle...

And being near us all. He is so spoiled...

I am thankful for all our thankfuls. I used chalk on the walls (my kids loved me breaking the rules). The girls helped paint sheets of paper and trace on leaf shapes which I cut out. We have added some thankfuls on the leaves, and I will add a few into our Thanksgiving photo scrapbook album I started last year. It really is the little things, isn't it?

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!

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