Thursday, June 25, 2015

Thankful Thursday: June Edition

I am so thankful for a school break!

And for a new dryer. A month without a dryer wasn't too awful, but I am not a fan of stiff, scratchy towels when hung dry.

Look at this First Communion dress I found for $10 on clearance. Maybe it's not what I pictured, but the day isn't about the dress, right? Thankful for actually finding a steal!

Thankful for a motivated husband to start on some bigger house projects. This here is a picture of what used to be a very large opening that was a horribly-done dog door. We decided to make it into a smaller door so our cat can go in and out. It will be very nice to have this properly sealed up for this next winter! (He's also working on our master shower which broke soon after we moved in, but due to the original job done on the shower, was not the quickest or easiest fix.)

Thankful for a growing garden!

And for these karate boys. Both them and and my husband moved up ranks at their testing at the beginning of June.

So thankful our year of dance is done and we have a lighter schedule (though both girls are doing a short class this summer). Definitely thankful recital is over - what a long weekend!

I am very thankful for summer haircuts.

Thankful we can start to enjoy summer activities, though the past few days and upcoming week look to be on the cool side. I am very glad we decided on a family pool pass this year.

Thankful for a first lost tooth!

And for this grown-up looking girl:

Though some days I would like to just stay home, I am thankful for the excitement the kids find in activities such as the boys' pottery class this June.

I am thankful this little one is still a cute, entertaining little bundle of joy.

Thankful for sisters and playing together (dance class):

And for learning new things, like chess for the boys (thanks daddy! they say).

I am thankful for a summer birthday (best birth by far!!!). Miss L was so excited! I hope it's obvious it was a Frozen-themed party.

Thankful for blossoming friendships.

And for simple changes (first coat of a new color in our master bath). It's encouraging to knock out projects one by one. Starting to feel more like our home.

And finally I am thankful for finally caving and trying essential oils. I have only used them about a week, but I find they are working well. My first goals were headache relief for myself and helping one child calm down to sleep better at night.

Until next time, enjoy summer!

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