Saturday, May 23, 2015

Saturday Morning Reflection (23): Silence (Ha!)

I am back to reading The Secret Diary of Elisabeth Leseur. In it, one section gives monthly "retreats" or reflections to work on for the month that Elisabeth herself wrote down to work on. The first month is silence: to only speak when spoken to, to answer questions directly but without self-elaboration (especially pertaining to her health), and to only talk to promote the good and beautiful.

Naturally I thought I could use a bit of silence. I could do that.

A few days in, it feels good (oh that feeling word again). I feel calmer, the kids seem calmer even.

But wait... I have KIDS. The silence didn't last long. I wanted more, but I was constantly talking.

And then... there's Facebook, a place full of temptation to talk about nonsense, or good sense (but still wasting time), or drop my sage advice, because you know, I am so wise. (I hope you realize that's sarcasm.)

The more I failed at this silent retreat, the more I realize I need it. And the older I get, the more I realize that I should just shut up and listen more.

So, does anyone have advice on creating silence in a home full of kids?

Ok, on to other things...

Blog News... I created a Facebook page so if you want to follow that way, go ahead and like my page. I will share blog updates on there.

School Time... One more week of official school and then we are off for five weeks! Woo-hoo! I am so tempted to scratch this next week, but really, not much is left to do. I know by the end of five weeks I won't be ready to start school, but the kids will need the routine.

I am working on putting up a school year review post. Those kind of posts take me forever to do. And naturally, I have planned out and ordered next year's books so I can actually take off this next month too. I would like to put up those plans as well. Anyone have spare time to share?


Outside My Window... The sun is out! And it's in the 50s! I took a longer walk this morning and it felt so nice to work up a little sweat instead of shivering. We turned off the heat when we had our "summer" spring spell (temps in the 90s), and I didn't want to turn it back on when we went into our "fall/winter" spring spell so our house was chilly (low 60s). We put the fireplace to use though which is always nice, though not desired this close to June. And if you're confused by the types of spring spells, you haven't lived in Ohio or a place similar. :)


...for the souls of my children, that they always remain close to the heart of Jesus.

...for the soul of my husband, for the gift of faith.

...for my parents, as they make a big change in their lives.

...for my brother, as he contemplates a big change as well (and for his family to support him).

...for all those who are alone, without mother or father, brothers or sisters.


Health News... Thanks to a friend's Facebook post, someone inspired me to try daily fasting. (Haha, I know, following advice on Facebook in light of my comments above.) This kind of fasting involves eating during a specific window only. It doesn't limit what or how much, just when. I tried it, and the difference is amazing.

Another thing I am doing (with the nicer weather) is taking daily morning walks, anywhere from 15-30 minutes, depending on how I feel. Some days I can't do anything, but hopefully in the long run, more exercise will mean less of those days, or at least bouncing back more quickly. On alternating days, I have do longer stretching (yoga stretches) and just this past week, I added in strength.

More details on my Daily Footsteps blog.


Today... We have a day of home chores to do:

--checking to see if a chain link fence can be removed easily (not cemented in) and removing it if so.
--Raking up yet more leaves (the price of having lots of mature trees).
--Hacking at determined weeds in our front beds. They will not die. On a positive note, my kids love spraying full-strength vinegar + drops of dish soap onto the weeds trying to take hold along our brick walkway, and it actually works. You do have to keep up the spraying, but I plan on having the kids do it once a week or every two weeks.
--Laundry (by the way, our dryer seems to have died so laundry takes more planning and keeping on top of it until we find a new dryer).
--A visit to Mom's Barber Shop. These clippers have lasted us many, many years. I like the color-coding too to remember lengths for the boys. And at $25 -- the price when we bought them -- we have saved a ton of $$$ doing it ourselves at home.

This Week... Monday is Memorial Day. We have plans for a little cookout here and spend time with my brother-in-law and his family. I want to take the kids to the zoo on Tuesday, and off to Confession and Mass this week. Otherwise, wrapping up school and enjoying our days.

A Final Thought... May I grow to learn the difference.

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  1. Silence= very long showers :)
    Looking forward to seeing your school plans!


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