Saturday, May 9, 2015

First Holy Communion Notebook 2015

As part of his school year and in preparation for his first Reconciliation and Holy Communion, Mr. D created his own notebook just like his older brother did (see post one and two).

He used a simple 3-ring binder. I had him choose a Communion picture to put in the front and I created a side label so we can read it when it's on the shelf.

We started off the year going over basics of our faith. I printed the Nicene Creed and he helped decorate the page after talked about the parts of it.

Mr. D helped me at the computer and finished decorating it once printed.

There are so many Blessed Trinity crafts you could do. Mr. D wanted to cut out the shamrock and draw on it.

For his pages, I used a mix of narration, puzzles and games, drawings, copywork, and computer work.

(Note: I realize the Sacrament of Holy Orders is for men called to the priesthood. Mr. D was telling me what to type, and wanted to include those called to special vocations - our brothers and sisters - so the wording is a little goofy in how he told it to me.)

I had him do copywork throughout the year to include the following prayers: The Sign of the Cross, Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be, Guardian Angel Prayer, Fatima Prayer, Blessing Before Meals, Act of Contrition, The Nicene Creed, Prayer Before Communion, and Prayer After Communion.

I made my own but Catholic Icing has a pdf packet for sale.

Order of the Mass game: put each part of the Mass in order.

Things I See in Church scavenger hunt. I created a photo collage once home.

The Bible, includes bookmarks with Bible book names.

God's Love Story -- this coloring book and story took the place of salvation history narration I did with Mr. A. Mr. D really enjoys coloring.

I added in work he did for CCD as well, like these 3 kings of the Old Testament puppets.

After all the basics of our faith, we started covering the Sacrament of Reconciliation. We did wrap this up with a "scrapbook" sheet remembering his first confession.

A Child's 10 Ten Commandments (image source).

Then, we covered the Sacrament of the Eucharist. First, he made this very decorative chalice and host craft (the host lifts to reveal Jesus's face -- here's the template).

Copywork: the words of the priest (and of Jesus) during the Mass, "Take this, all of you..."

We read stories about St. Tarcisius and Bl. Immelda, the patron and patroness of first communicants.

Mr. D put together a little page in anticipation of receiving holy communion for the first time.

A pocket for memories (made of two pieces of cardstock and staples):

A scrapbook page:

In his folder, he also has a confession book and a Mass book.

Other Resources We Used:

Making this together is a special thing, and in the end, a nice little scrapbook of memories of a wonderful time, one that reflects the individuality of that child.

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