Thursday, March 12, 2015

Our Catholic Faith for Little Ones

I wanted to share my simple plans that I am using for my girls this year to learn more about our Catholic faith.

Some months I can do more, and we have had months where we don't do much more than pray and read a Bible story. But the plans are there for when we do have time so I'm not scrambling to remember or figure something out.

Perhaps they can help you. You can find all the plans here (PDF format).

~September~ I Can Pray

~October~ My Guardian Angel & The Rosary

~November~ Saints & Helping Others

~December~ Baby Jesus & Advent

~January~ Baptism

~February~ I Love Others

~March~ Lent / Blessed Trinity

~April~ Easter / The Mass

~May~ Mary, Our Mother

~June~ Jesus, My Friend

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