Thursday, October 9, 2014

Thankful Thursday: Giving Thanks Daily

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I am most definitely including my Thankful Thursday post in the 31 days of faith. To give thanks is one of the simplest acts you can do. When I felt rotten after Miss Z's birth for months and years, aside from the "Jesus" prayer, forcing myself to look over my day each night and writing down all the little thankfuls helped me so much. So much so that whenever a friend is down, looking for advice, that is one of my top pieces of advice: in some way give thanks every day. It has the power to turn negativity into something positive, to turn our eyes to our Creator.

First, I am thankful for the newest addition to our family. Except for the cat, everyone loves this little dog. His name is Buddy.

The girls watched a Leap Frog video yesterday. Naturally, the boys had to join. I was able to sneak in a short nap, cuddling up with Buddy. I was definitely thankful for the warmth and to close my eyes.

I am thankful for all the animal loving going on right now. The kids love it. We babysat my parents' new kittens while they were on vacation -- all the fun of kittens without having to keep them! They were so cute.

I am thankful for silly faces and family dinners. We were out celebrating my mother-in-law's birthday. No one wanted their picture taken.

Speaking of silly boys, I am thankful for the little funnies in life. We were at Lowe's and Mr. A spots this Goof Off spray. He looks at me in all seriousness and says, "You mean this takes all your strength away?"

I am thankful for marriage and for this man as we celebrated our 11th anniversary last Saturday. It was an exceptionally fun anniversary simply because it was on a Saturday. We first started dating on Saturday, October 4th, seventeen years ago and then was married on Saturday, October 4th, eleven years ago. Just lots of nice memories. I also realized that I have now known my husband for half my life!

I am thankful for fall. I love the beauty all round us, even the cold clouds in the sky. They have a look all their own. We had a fire the other night for the first time - a treat - as we are trying to save it for the winter.

I am thankful for simple crafts that kids of all ages can do, and one that we can use to decorate the house with. We are still working on making more coffee filters leaves. All you do is cut coffee filters into leaf shapes. Color with water-based markers. Spray with water to spread. Let dry. Then I will string mine into a banner to hang on our mantle. *Be sure to put down old towels. This gets messy, although water-based markers clean up so easily.*

Speaking of crafts, I am thankful for glitter, if only for the joy it brings my children and not for the mess it creates. My dining room is sporting a sparkly floor. I suppose I should vacuum. ;)

Miss Z does "school" with the others. Honestly, not by my choice. I would just let her play. But she insists on doing it so I am coming up with monthly themes. October's theme is Owl Babies + activities, big/little, angels, Mary/Rosary, and some fall things (the leaf garland above was one of her "school" items).

I am thankful that all the kids love to join her (and have time to do so!):

I am thankful for days at the park. We have had some rainy days and it's becoming quite chilly already. We were trying to get school pictures taken by a friend who has a nice camera. Someone, I won't say who, did not want to participate. Afterwards, I shot this picture on my own. I may have to save up for a nicer digital camera so I can actually print my pictures and have them look good!

I am thankful for food. I am trying to switch up my eating plan a bit so by breakfast and dinner the food has so much flavor than it normally does. And I know this picture isn't much to look at, but this is something pretty special. 

For all you folks who eat a burger on a bun without thinking about it, this "bun" was awesome. Even my husband, who does not have to eat gluten-free said that this worked really well and that he does not need to eat a normal bun. (He's trying really hard to not eat gluten at any meals at home that involve the kids.) I took a "tortilla" recipe I had and made it a tiny bit thicker and shaped into a smaller round. Cooked on the iron for a few minutes each side. So good with the burger!

There is much to be thankful for. I could go on. I could tell you of the beautiful sunrise flushing pink outside my window, at the quiet of the house, of a good start to another quarter of school. Instead, I will leave you with this last picture of Miss Z sleeping. Oh, to be as free, innocent, and trusting as a child.

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