Friday, October 31, 2014

Thankful Thursday: Fall 2

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Giving thanks to God in everything.

I am thankful for these lasting fall days, so soon to change into winter. I am thankful for heat and warm food.

I am thankful for easy fall crafts. The girls did this one. Cut a tree trunk out of brown construction paper and glue to a white sheet of paper. Using fall paint colors and wine corks, paint the "leaves" on.

I am thankful for fall fun times. Raking the never-ending leaves is so much more fun with a ride at the end.

I am so thankful when these two get together to play and spend time together. They enjoyed each other so much on this day they wanted to have a sleepover.

Which meant this child was in my room for a bit. I'm thankful that he doesn't hesitate to still snuggle up. (But he has such a hard time going to sleep. Ideas?)

I am thankful for imagination and games. The boys came up with their version of Pictionary. I like their categories.

P = person, place, or animal
D = difficult
T = transformers
C = cooking

I am thankful for crafty, inspirational days (October has been full of them). My mom let the girls help paint her wooden carved flowers. Miss L is ready to be a little helper. I used to help my own grandma with things like this so it's such a nice sight to see.

Gosh, these kittens. Nothing gets done around them. But I love to see Mr. A's sweetness around them (the others too). I am thankful for the love of all God's creatures.

Even this one. I am thankful at least one of my children really loves the outdoors.

I am thankful my first attempt at a quilt towel turned out fairly decent. The lines aren't the most straight but I think it lends to the charm. This towel makes me happy when I see it hanging up. Now, to make more!!!

I am thankful for sunshine. Every sunny day I glimpse the rays of the sun coming into our fireplace room. It's so beautiful.

I am thankful for silly dance parties.

And this sweet, sweet girl (mostly, she is 2.5 after all):

I am thankful for fun and educational field trips. This was The National Museum of the Great Lakes. It was rather a smaller museum but it was filled with information - more than one can grasp at first - as well as a tour of an actual ship. Pretty neat.

I am thankful for easy and fun science experiments. We are studying bats and learned how a bat's large ears help it hear better.

I am thankful for fun hands-on school. We (finally!) wrapped up Medieval Times with a feast. It was far from authentic, but it was full of fun. The kids loved it. 

Miss L wants to know when we are going to have another feast.

Again, I am thankful for the sunshine. Hopefully the winter is not too cloudy. I took this shot on the way home from the dentist. (I had to fix a small crack on a molar.) I wish this picture showed what I saw. The glow and rays of the sun mixed with the brightness of the remaining trees and flowers was breath taking.

And I am thankful I have one more day to this 31 day blogging challenge. Really and truly I have enjoyed it. I questioned blogging at the beginning of the month, and these past 30 days have shown me that it is something that needs to continue. For now anyway.

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