Saturday, October 11, 2014

Saturday Morning Thoughts (19): letting go

Why is it so difficult to let certain things, situations or people go? Even when what you are letting go appears to have more negative influences than positive?

I like to see the good over the bad in other people and situations. I like to see the potential, the what if.

How does one know when to let go?


School Time... One week into our second quarter, and it was a decent one. We had an extremely busy day out and about yesterday so we actually have to wrap a few items this morning. Saturday school! I will have to write up a separate post on what is all going on in our homeschool this year.

At last month's moms' night out, a mom said, "Sometimes you order a curriculum and it's awful, but you persevere because if you are constantly changing curriculum, then that sends a message to your child that you do not know what you are doing, that you are not in charge." I am paraphrasing, but this thought has been on my mind often. 

To an extent, I agree. The struggle is often the lesson. To switch after only days or months is typically not a good idea in my experience. I have done this. As my parents told me in fourth grade, "You can't quit orchestra until the end of the school year." I am glad they made me stick with it. I still quit at the end of the year though, something I still regret.

On the flip side, sometimes those changes saved our homeschool, or at least my sanity or the kids' interest. Nothing is black and white, is it?


Looking Like Fall... I am ready for fall, ready to let go of summer, but it appears winter is trying to arrive too soon. I am most definitely not ready for that!

We have had rainy days, but some beautiful days as well. The leaves are changing and falling. The girls delight in finding acorns and other nuts lying around. The squirrels are back which makes for great entertaining. And the moon? Gorgeous these last nights. Mr. A and I woke early to see the lunar eclipse the other day, which was very neat. 

We are slowly preparing for winter -- wood is chopped, fireplace cleaned and checked, trying to seal up holes here and there, and making fabric tubes to line the windows. It is pretty cool in our house as the cooler weather has hit earlier, but we are trying hard to not turn on the furnace quite yet. We always try to make it to the end of October. Baking something and leaving the oven open at the end helps quite a bit, and baking is always a good thing around here.


...For a friend's new baby, that she picks up her eating and the doctor's figure out what is going on so this little one can go home to her family. 

...For my brother, for less stress and peace over the next few months as his family deals with a personal situation. 

...For all those addicted, to break the chain of addiction and not only bring physical healing to their bodies, but more importantly, spiritual healing as well.


Health News... All are well thank goodness! The fall air is making it a little bit harder to breathe for me. I had such an "easy" summer that I started to question my diagnosis. I am sure that I am not alone in this, but it is such a hard lesson in letting go of what I used to be able to do physically, and build from where I am now. It is much too easy to look back and rebel, to throw up my arms, cry and pout that it isn't fair. This lesson goes far beyond the physical. 

Really, though, all is well, and for that I am thankful.


Today... We have a tiny bit of school to wrap up the week before heading out. We have to return the dog. Overall, he is a really, really good dog, but he bit Miss Z -- unprovoked by her though he may have been excitable at the time -- and has shown certain behavior in public that we feel uncomfortable keeping him. If Miss Z were older I would keep him and work with him, as he responds very quickly to training, but the stress level is not worth it in the home. 

After, we head to a fall fest where my mom is showing some carvings and doing a demo. Then home it is to clean and have some fun time. Next weekend will probably find us raking.

The Week Ahead... We have a dentist appointment, a living Rosary in our CCD program, and a Friday day of water-filled fun for a cousin's birthday. Plus school of course.


A Final Thought...

This post is part of my 31 days writing challenge.

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