Saturday, October 18, 2014

Saturday Morning Reflections (20): down in the grumps

Yesterday was a mostly grumpy day. Why? Does it really matter? I think I know why, but what amazes me the most is that I feel like a completely different person on these days. I recognize the grumps, but it does nothing to stop me from acting grumpy.

What does one do to overcome this? Ideas?

I know exercise and food choices (and staying hydrated) go a long way in keeping the grumpy days limited, but what to do once they are here?

Maybe I should read Pooh:


School Time... Week 2 of our second quarter is down, and it was a good week of work. I have no reason to be grumpy over that. I am so thankful for my energy this year. We are slowly doing more extracurriculars and the kids enjoy it.

One of my favorite new book this year for the boys is Handwriting with Ease . Both are still practicing cursive, but HWE is breaking down narration, dictation, and beginning writing for them. The book uses excerpts from great books and other pieces of writing.


Outside My Window... Dawn is lighting the sky. Leaves cover the yard and walkway. Mr. D's CCD pumpkin is melting into pumpkin goo while the mums are looking a tad tired. I have yet to step out, but the house is cool so I am not expecting a warm day. It rained during the night and the weather report calls for some rain today and in the 40s.


...For my father-in-law, that his kidney stone drama is over with once and for all (it has been nearly two months!).

...For my 5th grade CCD students, that they continue to question and discover more of their faith; that they live their faith every day and not just on Wednesday nights and hopefully Sunday morning. (This is really a great age though.)

...For all marriages to be strengthened.


Health News... A small cold may be starting up -- no! Hopefully it is just the up and down of the weather along with the farmers cutting down their fields and smoke in the air from fires. Still, no fun!

I am wrapping up my week 1 challenge from LiveFitMama. Three more to go! The first few days were hard but I found it easing around day 4. I wanted to do day 5 yesterday but did not feel well in the morning. Maybe I should have pushed through. It might have ended my grumpiness.

Today... We have a day of fun scheduled at a local indoor waterpark in celebration of my nephew's birthday -- and just for fun. We have never been to this one, and the kids are incredibly excited.

This Week... Mostly, the week is a normal week of school except we have another busy, busy Friday of co-op, swimming, and dance. On Wednesday, we are also seeing Hansel and Gretel, the play.

Let's hope the week is free of the grumps.

I already feel better. I can add writing to my list of how to break those moments.


A Final Thought...

I pinned this the other day:

Now, that is something to think about. God bless your week.

This post is part of my 31 days blogging challenge:

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  1. Thanks for your inspiration. I'm checking out your fitness link and your handwriting book.

    1. Katie, A does the work grudgingly but he does enjoy the narratives. I still struggle with him answering in full sentences and we are 11 weeks into the book. Sometimes I wonder if I should have started in the first book (only because he forgets the simplest rules at times - like capitalizing the first word of a sentence). D really likes it and owns the work.

      The fitness website isn't extremely detailed so ask if you have a question. About to head into week 2, woohoo. :)


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