Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Finding Joy

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Writing daily is a bit tough this week. I have the words swirling in my head, but I find I either have no time to properly put it down, or that I am sharing too much, too often. 


Yesterday's topic is still so fresh to me, and one I feel that I could flesh out more. Perhaps again within this challenge. Today, though, is just as troublesome a problem of mine lately: Finding Joy.

I will preface this to say that I love my husband and children, and I am so blessed and thankful to have the life that I do. I am very aware of that.

Still... the day in, the day out daily life wears me down. I find I am focusing more on a checklist to control the chaos that our house sometimes feels like instead of focusing on the people themselves. How to juggle the busyness, the needs of the household, with the desire to share knowledge and love and life with these people?

I have no answers.

I am still struggling to find the joy in the midst of life.

Perhaps I am confusing feeling with doing. Perhaps I should focus more on the present than on the what ifs. Perhaps I should forget the extra projects for awhile and just play and talk and read to my children; focus 100% on  my husband during our precious little time together (he's been working so much since the 4th of July, ~14 hour days + time on the weekend.)

What does bring joy to my day?
  • Prayer - without it the day most certainly is frustrating (not to say that days aren't frustrating when I pray!).
  • Getting outside with the kids -- something we need to do more of.
  • Snuggling with the kids -- reading to them is quite a circus event. They are bopping around, moving and changing seats, and fighting over who sits next to me, even when they take turns.
  • Cooking and enjoying meals together.
  • Exploring new places.
  • Wrapping up another homeschool day.
Hmm... the more I think on it, the more I realize that too often recently I have tried to distance myself for a "breather" but it seems the more I do that, the more I forget that my joy comes from my family and God.

More to ponder I think.

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