Thursday, July 3, 2014

Thankful Thursday: June Thankfuls

I know I have been quiet on here. I'm enjoying summer with the family, having lazy days, and gearing up for our next school year (review of 2013-14 and upcoming plans to come soon I think).

There is so much to be thankful for. I've felt so appreciative of the little things lately. It must be the easy days of summer. :)

I am THANKFUL for this man, the father of my children and my best friend and love.

I am THANKFUL for a brand-new 5 year old!

And the sweetness that is slowly emerging in her personality.

I am THANKFUL for bubbles and family time.

I am THANKFUL for big smiles.

And baby toes. :)

I am THANKFUL for sisterly love.

And for these cutie pies with new haircuts (via Mom's Salon).

I am THANKFUL for the few veggies out of our not-so-bountiful spring garden. The kids loved the peas. Let's hope the summer one produces better.

I am THANKFUL for burgeoning scientists and summer reading programs.

And for science experiments. (This one is an experiment to see what might stop ants from finding food. Chalk surprisingly works pretty well!)

I am THANKFUL for this delicious, simple gluten-free pizza. Yum! I could even eat it cold, one breakfast I miss from my gluten days.

I am THANKFUL for furniture in the basement. It sure beats sitting on the floor or in lawn chairs. A previous owner was a big racing fan. Boy, will I be thankful to change out the colors in here.

I am THANKFUL for a certain 9 year old still wanting to cuddle.

And for gluten-free pizza! I am on a pizza kick, huh? Seriously, this place is awesome and it is so nice to be able to eat out now and again safely.

I am THANKFUL for a summer night out on the town feeling like a mini night on vacation and for time by the lake.

I am THANKFUL this mess stayed contained and did not start a house fire. I am also THANKFUL I now have electricity back in the kitchen.

I am THANKFUL for kids and their pets.

Mr. A: Tan is a lot like me. He's eats a lot, is growing and is going to be big.

Very true. I call the cat Harry. Tan O'Harry as Mr. A likes to compromise. He's a stray that is not quite a stray any more. I didn't have to feed him much today. His belly was swollen with a chipmunk. Now that was science in action to watch.

I am THANKFUL for rain -- for the plants and for the kids dancing in it, having a blast.

I am THANKFUL for sleeping in, pool time, easy chores and long days, late nights and family movies, reading books, summer camps, the garden, cool mornings, lots of sun, singing birds, nighttime prayers and song, cuddling, sleeping babies, and feel-good days.

God bless and see you soon!

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  1. Love all the pictures, glad you are having such a great summer!


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