Thursday, June 12, 2014

Thankful Thursday: Looks Like Summer

The days may be a touch cool and the nights cooler, but summer is very much present in my home. The kids are breaking from formal schooling for a few weeks, we have no weekly commitments, the local library started their summer reading program, and we are outside working and playing.

I am very much thankful for this new home. We have had some issues (what house doesn't have issues?), but it is very peaceful in the mornings, listening to the birds and a cat curled up nearby, with the sun shining down.

I am thankful for dirty hands and the fresh fatigue from working in the yard.

I am thankful for BBQs and light meals.

And for sleeping toddlers who hate to nap but need to with these longer days.

I am thankful that Mr. A's neurology appointment went very well, and eased any fear we had due to his "abnormal" MRI back in late March. It really does seem as if all his symptoms are *just* due to migraines and the abnormal MRI could be attributed to them or even his celiac disease. Basically, nothing to worry about now.

Anyone who suffers migraines knows it is anything but "just" migraines. Mr. A is lucky I suppose, having a momma who also suffers them. Never at 9 years old though.

I am thankful for morning walks. It is refreshing, a good wake-up, and a time to commune with God. I tried praying a Rosary as I walked, like the Mamas Movin' with Mary, but my lungs could not handle it. I'm ok with that because there is something very nice about quiet and listening.

I am thankful for this book - The NaProTechnology Revolution: Unleashiing the Power in a Woman's Cycle by Dr. Thomas Hilgers. I am about 5 chapters in but it gives so much more information than the workbook I first received when starting the Creighton Model

It is interesting reading the history and I look forward to reading about the problems in a woman's cycle. For years and years, I thought so much of what I experienced is normal (and to my mom and her experience, it was). But... apparently it is not. Perhaps it is even at the root of much of what I have been experiencing the last few years???

I am so thankful that I can pass on this knowledge to my daughters, and women as a whole will be one step closer in breaking the monopoly of pharmacy and gynecology, of covering up one's symptoms with a band-aid (like the birth control pill) instead of finding out why something is wrong.

I am thankful for new starts and new energy, and for the fuzzy feeling of seeing these little ones and the excitement they bring my children.

Until next time, God bless.

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