Friday, May 30, 2014

Thankful Thursday: Work & Play

We've been busy bees here... wrapping up certain school subjects, enjoying the nice weather, errands, and last sports stuff. A little bug also swept through a bit ago. I am THANKFUL that is all over with now.

I am THANKFUL for imagination and simple play and love of babies.

And for escapes into Narnia. (It's our first read-through of Narnia and the kids love it!)

I am THANKFUL for spring dandelions. Always.

And for slowly freshening up the landscaping. It's steady work and calming and satisfying.

I am THANKFUL for these silly kids, who drive me crazy more times than I ever thought possible, but then there comes that moment, that moment where it is just perfect.

I am THANKFUL for the freedom to homeschool and for local homeschooling families. And for end of the year parties.

I am THANKFUL for green. I just love new growth on fir trees.

And for ant hotels. As part of their insect study, Mr. A had to create a bug hotel. He wanted to attract ants and he certainly was successful. It also attracted a larger, four-footed, furred friend of the cat variety who has decided to make his new home here. Each morning I wake to hear the cat meowing, moving around the house, following us. He is a sweet thing aside from that.

I am THANKFUL for vegetables! For me, for the kids... They taste good, keep you full, and are healthy. I am even more THANKFUL this sweet girl had a few bites of broccoli raw. She will not eat vegetables or fruit. Have you ever heard of such a thing? So I rejoice when she actually does take a bite.

I am THANKFUL for libraries and books and reading. Mr. A checked out this book yesterday and he is nearly finished. It is a biography of the makers of the game Minecraft. Mr. A is extremely excited to start learning to code with the help of my husband (he is a computer software developer who taught himself way back when).

I am THANKFUL for sweet faces. Miss Z is certainly full of more sugar than spice, though she certainly has spunk when necessary. It is a pleasant change of pace from the last two toddlers.

I am THANKFUL for fresh paint and cleaning up. I am continuing the trim work upstairs that I started when we first moved in. It takes forever to paint trim (for me anyway). It sure looks good though, having crisp white trim instead of the yellowed, dirty-looking once-upon-a-time white trim that was there.

Do I really need to say how THANKFUL I am for this man and for big smiles? :)

I am THANKFUL for a safe and successful visit to PA for a karate tournament. It was a long day, but an interesting one, and my husband came home with a few trophies under his belt.

And lastly, I just love, love, love these curls!

Can you believe it is almost June and the end of Easter? Where is the time flying?

God bless!

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  1. Love all the pictures and these thankful posts! We loved Narnia the first time through too, even had a Narnia Halloween two years ago! :) The landscaping is looking great. So glad everyone is having so much fun and feeling well!


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