Thursday, February 6, 2014

Thankful Thursday: Snow!

I say "Snow!" as if we are getting it for the first time when that is far from the truth. No, we may have had a green Christmas this year, but this past month and a half has brought more than enough to make up for it. With super cold temperatures the last few weeks it was great to finally get outside and enjoy winter. I am thankful for the seasons so that I can be thankful for snow, for the cold, for spring flowers, summer sun, and fall winds.

Before we get into snow business, I am thankful my grandparents' annual woodcarving show went smoothly last weekend. It was odd with my grandpa not there. (He was in the hospital after having had to amputate his second leg. He's not a happy camper. But I am thankful he seems to have pulled through yet again.)

Here are a few pictures. The first, a wood burning I did a couple of years ago. Does anyone recognize him?

One of my mom's flower arrangements. She uses artificial greenery and additions but the flowers themselves are made out of wood. I have never been able to photograph her flowers well. She was very excited because toward the end of the show someone approached her to do a wedding!

There are so many types of woodcarvings and woodcarvers. This next piece is what you call chip carving, where you take bits out at a time, in the form of geometric shapes. Done well this is really sharp.

Many like to do fun pieces or characters. I thought this little mummy was cute. This was done by a lady who only started to carve a year and a half ago. She's an artist by trade and finally picked up the knife after much urging from her uncle, a man I knew for many years growing up. He's had to put carving aside due to health, but now his niece has picked it up. The circle of life. When this lady first started carving all she carved were angels that she then donated to cancer patients. She made it personal, and for those who did not survive, it was a beautiful keepsake for the family.

This past year carvers all over Ohio were also busy donating time and talent in creating unique feathers, personalized to those serving in the military who have died on active duty since 9/11. The project is called Fallen Feathers. I am thankful when I hear of so many willing to help with a purely volunteer led project.

I could fill an entire post with awesome carvings, but time is short, isn't it? So off to the snow!

I'm thankful for smiling, little pixies.

And kids happy to get outside:

I'm thankful for willing helpers:

And little girls making snow angels:

And I'm thankful for sledding, for kids willing to risk life and limb, and for kids willing to try again even if one should hit a tree (not like that happened or anything):

I'm thankful for huge drifts that caused a little girl to squeal in delight when she could not climb back up:

And for these gorgeous icicles that will be lethal once temperatures rise (they look so small in this picture!):

I'm thankful for reminders that spring WILL come:

And for practical solutions (how do you keep your trash lid down?):

I'm thankful that we have cute snowmen lining our table because even though we have a ton of snow, it is not snowman material:

I'm thankful for fun science experiments:

And silly kids:

I'm thankful for these yummy new gluten free pretzels! I usually don't eat too much of this kind of thing, but this is nice to have on hand for the car or a quick, munchy snack.

I am thankful (and so happy!) that my 7 year old is finally reading -- for real!

I'm thankful for this sweetie who thinks it is funny to kiss my nose:

And for this girl who tries so hard to be good and nice, and sometimes cannot hold all her emotions in, and it bursts out into craziness.

I'm also thankful to feeling more good than bad this week, for a husband who works really hard to provide for us, and for my mom, a really strong lady.

And you can thank Jamie Jo who usually does a Thankful Thursday post and who inspired me to do my own.

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