Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The Motherhood and Jane Austen Book Club

I love Jane Austen.

If you do too, or always wanted to read her books, read on.

6 books + 1 year = book club.

That's right, you read one book within two months, discuss along the way with a final live chit-chat over the book. Then repeat, ending in December.

What makes this more fun? The discussions are prompted from a view of motherhood, especially looking to the mothers in Austen's books.

I think this will prove very interesting, as I have read most of the books on the list, but it has been years and pre-motherhood days for me. I look forward to a new perspective. And I love that Austen's books are an "easy" read for this busy mama.

It's easy to join. Here's the Facebook page and here is the original blog link.

And if you like to read classic books in general, I found this post very helpful in listing different book clubs/lists.


  1. What a great idea! I'm a jane Austen fan myself. Would love to take part. Getting online would be my issue.Thanks for sharing this Nicole.

  2. Lisa Maria, read them anyway from a mother's perspective! Jane Austen is always fun to pick up and read.


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