Saturday, January 18, 2014

Saturday Morning Reflection (13): a sick week

Ugh, winter... It's a love/hate thing.

I love this (but not driving in it as I was doing!):

But hate this:

Yes, that is Miss Z, poor thing. You see, a little over two weeks ago Skipper got sick. He was sick for days before anyone else, but then it hit the others. Miss Bear and Critter felt icky and irritable along with a cough and gunk. Miss Z started off just fine with cold symptoms and a fever on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday of last week.

Then Sunday hit. She tried to get up and eat and play and then, she was out. She slept and after a bit to try and wake up, but her eyes would kind of roll around before she would sleep again. She really started to worry me, especially when her breathing changed to this weird wheeze (I was thinking pneumonia as it is hitting so many around here). It being a Sunday, I took her to the ER. Poor girl cried some but mostly kept trying to pass out. Turns out she has RSV and the chest x-ray showed signs of mild bronchiolitis, nothing else. We were shipped home.

I spent the night holding her (she was slightly feverish, very restless, and I wanted to keep an eye on her breathing which seemed to have picked up in addition to the wheeze). She was pretty tired on Monday, but I thought we had turned a corner. She did not feel too feverish and tried to eat in the morning and even play.

Then, in the blink of an eye in late afternoon her temperature spiked way up and you could tell she was having trouble breathing. So much so, that my sister-in-law drove from twenty minutes away to check on her, she was so worried (she's a nurse).

Based on her observations and what she had me tell Miss Z's doctor we were again sent to the ER despite it being not quite five. Boy, we had a brush-off. By the time we got there, her breathing had eased up some so the doctor just said, yeah, RSV does that, just keep doing the motrin/tylenol thing (ok, so I paraphrased, but that's how it came across to me). We went home and wouldn't you know it, not ten minutes passed before her breathing was rapid again. Anyway, long story short, she did improve enough I did not have to go back, but when I took her into the follow-up doctor appointment, he put her on breathing treatments until the wheeze and cough is gone (still there, you can hear it + we went for another follow-up today).

All that, and I was one scared mama for a bit. Don't you worry, she's back to herself aside from taking some decent naps and having the wheeze/cough still.


We had a pretty good snowfall last night while I took Miss Z to the doctor and back. The kind where the roads disappear and you can't see 20 feet in front of you. I came home to the boys outside and my husband snow blowing. I thought I would help. Boy, was it cold!

I think white-spackled sweatpants could be the newest fashion. (Eh, Elisa? I did wear these out to the doctor's. They're great for when you can't wear normal pants. So they are very practical.)


I've been thinking a lot on the direction of our homeschool. Our days have not been so joyful or peaceful. One child is very resistant, even though I consider myself a laid-back homeschooler.

I found this article very helpful: Homeschooling Held Hostage.
"If you are not experiencing the “life” you were looking for when you began your homeschooling journey, it may be that you’re not giving the Lord permission to lead you there."
I am considering putting school on a partial stand-by (as if we didn't have a long enough break with moving house and the holidays!) to go to daily Mass, re-establishing chores in this new house, reading together, and continuing with Life of Fred, individual reading, and history. I think I need to work on being present. Too many "to-dos" are pulling me away from time with the kids. Always thinking, always changing. Trouble is, we get into a good rhythm and then life happens (oh say, a really bad migraine or moving house or getting sick or not being able to get off the couch for a week).


This post feels kind of complainy. It's not meant to be. This is my life at this moment, at this time. A few good thoughts to leave you with: puckered kid lips before bed, my daughter covering me when I said I was cold and lying curled up on our big chair, my oldest taking charge of breakfast and making sure everyone ate, and grandparents who brave thickening snow and slippery roads to take their granddaughter to dance class so I could take the littlest one to the doctor. And some little cuties with new glasses!


Until next time...

"Go to Mass every day and if possible, serve it. Do a little spiritual reading. Say devoutly your morning and evening prayers. Every morning make a brief meditation on a truth of our faith."
- Don Bosco


  1. Oh, RSV is so scary!! I"m so glad she's doing better.

    I feel the same way, I'm pulled a million different directions and am never just "sitting", I'm always "doing" and don't get that time I'd really like with each. It's actually my prayer today. To not be so busy, or too busy.

    Love that little cutie in glasses!

    1. Jamie Jo, this was our first experience with RSV (that we know of). What surprised me is how hard it hit my oldest. He had a good three days of fever and sleeping but day 2 and 3 saw him trying to play/eat in-between bouts of fatigue and fever spikes. I thought it might be the flu at first, which is just as bad.

      My prayer today is to keep calm. There is just too much negativity going on. It's working so far, except for when I was trying to read with my struggling son. Oh, he frustrates me during school!


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