Saturday, January 11, 2014

Saturday Morning Reflection (12)

Time slips away so fast. Here we are, nearly mid-January. My baby just turned two, and in a few weeks, Critter turns seven. How do we slow down time? I read a poem to the kids this week about time, the author asking time to sit down and take a break, but alas, time never breaks.

When I think of time, I think of seasons. The past few years it feels as though I am finally warming up to a season before it is gone. In this busy life of mom I find it increasingly difficult to just be - to be present, fully, and without other thoughts or worries taking over. I have to continually force myself to focus, to listen, to slow down. Sometimes, when I am most disagreeable, I think how much easier this task would be if I was by myself, but the thought swiftly follows that if I was alone, well, I would be alone and then why do what I am doing?

I may not have as much time as I wish to sit down, breathe, and think through and sort my thoughts, but my brain still goes like crazy. It helps to write it down though.


On weather... Like much of the U.S., our weather was crazy this week with a lot of snow (and some ice) and crazy, frigid, arctic air. Thankfully, it is in the forties as I type this and raining. So now we will have a bunch of rain and snow melt to deal with, but I do not have to worry about pipes that are frozen, keeping a fire stoked, and frost forming on the windows. I can walk around in just regular pants and a shirt - no need for a housecoat and blanket at all times. I feel positively toasty at 69 degrees. By the way, our pipes that did freeze seem to have thawed without damage.


On School... Homeschooling is a journey, that is for sure. The last few months have been very reflective for me. I am trying to break from my own school experience (public) to set my children on a new path. I am trying not to worry when the seven year old has been stuck at CVC words for forever, but loves to scribble and sketch, tell stories, and has a natural way with real-life math. These few sentences are so inadequate to what I have thought of concerning school lately, but overall, it seems like our school was becoming to workbookish and a chore. Now, that does not mean I need to come up with crazy and outlandish projects. It just means, I want to step back and help guide the children in learning, to not rush, to explore, to listen, to observe. I think I started that way, but it has definitely been lost, no doubt as our school days were shortened with a new baby and then ill health.


On Health... Speaking of health, today is a very good day and in general it has been, especially comparing this time of year to last year. It appears that I am now dealing with asthma. ??? I have never had asthma (that I know of) but had a sudden, and near emergency attack, last May while on vacation. At the time, I chalked it up to a preventative migraine medicine that I was taking. Anyway, December was a rough month, probably because of a cold I caught over Thanksgiving that went right to bronchitis. Up to this point, I thought, ok, asthma, whatever, but then it seemed the albuterol was not working, and I had a really bad week. The doctor questioned his diagnosis and sent me for some tests (CBC and chest x-ray) which all came back clear thankfully. My lymph nodes along the left side of my neck and above my collarbone swell up, which freaks me out a bit, but in trying to distance myself from the situation, I really think it's boiling down to autoimmune junk and that I need to be serious and dedicated to overhauling my diet. I have done so in the past and felt better temporarily (so I thought) and a friend recommended not only going grain-free but following the paleo autoimmune protocol and making sure to eliminate high histamine foods. People, that is a lot of restrictions but still very healthy with protein, lots of vegetables, and fruit. With moving and the holidays, food started seeping into my diet that I usually do not partake in. It's highly probable that it is affecting my health. I know how difficult overhauling the diet can be so I am breaking it into steps. This week is about no dairy, eggs, and legumes, which I never ever should have started eating again. You think the weight gain alone would have stopped me! Next week I am overhauling breakfast, even the kids' breakfast. I will post success with that if anyone is interested. Time will tell how this helps. I know it will help some, but will it help everything? That is the question.


This Week... Keeping quiet at home. Learning, reading, back to a daily rhythm. Finally arranging all my clothes from moving. Taking down Christmas items.


A Final Thought... I am trying to take part in The Motherhood and Jane Austen Book Club. Pride and Prejudice is the first book. I have not read very far, but I find myself very intrigued to read these through a mother's eyes. In the very first chapter we read concerning Mrs. Bennet:

"Her mind was less difficult to develope. She was a woman of mean understanding, little information, and uncertain temper. When she was discontented she fancied herself nervous. The business of her life was to get her daughters married, its solace was visiting and news."

I read that, and was like, whoa, what a dispiriting way to live. What happens when her daughters do marry? What will keep her going? How do I want to be different, to be contented, to find solace in the every day and in God, to grow mentally and spiritually. As for visiting and news, I sure am glad that that is not my solace as I would be woefully discontented. Of course, in the end, Mrs. Bennet and I are very similar in that we want what is best for our children. Ok... maybe that means a family of influence for Mrs. Bennet whereas for me it means stability and a God-driven life, but still, overall, she acts from that desire for her girls to have the best, and I am torn between the two sides of this seemingly shallow woman.


Have a good week, and God bless!

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