Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to you all!

It may have taken until Christmas Eve for any spirit to enter our household, but it certainly did. It was a very nice day of baking cookies, decorating (yes, even the tree!), and attending the nighttime Mass. And it was a very late night spent wrapping presents (never again) while watching It's a Wonderful Life - love, love, love that movie.

Here, just a few quick shots from Christmas Eve...

Our cat stole Jesus' bed (and actually pushed our baby doll Jesus out this morning so he could nap all day):

I am so happy to have a mantle again! It has a huge brick chimney so we are perplexed on how to dress it up. My Mom gifted us a beautiful wreath full of her hand-carved wooden flowers but it looked absolutely miniature up against the brick. For now, we have a pretty little row of Christmas.

My little joy-filled angels found a home this Christmas on my kitchen sink window sill. I smile every time I see them.

This is an extremely blurred photo of our tree. The lighting in our fireplace room is not conducive to photographs (says the not-even-an-amateur-photographer). But it sure looks better here - especially with a photo bomber - than it does...

HERE, on the 23rd. Our poor angel, hanging upside down by a thread. My youngest son pulled on a branch and the entire tree fell over, and water was everywhere. Oh goodness. The tree is massive. I tell you, it is slim pickings up my way to find a cut Christmas tree, but since we procrastinated until the 22nd to buy one, we found ourselves with a giant of a tree at a fraction of the price. Now our tree is anchored with two fishing lines attached to hooks on the wall.

Our nativity yesterday before "midnight" Mass, awaiting baby Jesus. Miss Bear had the honors of placing Jesus in the manger after Mass. The wise men begin their journey to Bethlehem tomorrow. 

This was our first year attending such a late Mass with the kids (the last few years we have attended on Christmas day itself) so I was a little worried, but the kids did beautifully. After Communion Miss Bear turned to me, eyes and face radiant, and whispered, "I love God!" And Miss Z "sang" with every song played, a first for her. And my husband even attended Mass, which I will feel thankful for despite certain comments.

God bless you all, my readers (those few left, I know!), and may you have a very blessed and joyful Christmas season.

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  1. Sounds like a beautiful Christmas Eve! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas season!


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