Saturday, November 2, 2013

More from Elisabeth Leseur

From my reading this morning...
"There is a veil between such souls [those who do not believe] and God, a veil through which only a few rays of love and beauty may pass. Only God, with a divine gesture, may throw aside this veil; then the true life shall begin for these souls.
"And I, who am of so little worth, yet believe in the power of the prayers that I never cease to say for these dear souls. I believe in them because God exists, and because He is the Father. I believe in them because I believe in this divine and mysterious law that we call the Communion of Saints. I know that no cry, no desire, no appeal proceeding from the depths of our soul is lost, but all go to God and through Him to those who moved us to pray. I know that only God performs the intimate transformation of the human soul and that we can but point out to Him those we love, saying, 'Lord, make them live.'"
"Lord, make them live."


  1. Oh, I love her book...I never finished it, I need to.

    1. Oh my goodness, I am finally on blogger on a real computer! (No internet and then no computer for awhile with moving and all.) I am reading this book in chunks. There is just so much meat and one paragraph is enough to stew on for awhile.


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