Thursday, July 25, 2013

First Holy Communion Notebook, Part I: My Faith

Day #4 of blogging - Time to finally share Skipper's First Holy Communion notebook he worked on all last year.

Last year Skipper prepared for and celebrated his First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion. It was an exciting time! While he attended our parish's CCD program, we also did extra work at home that resulted in a nice little keepsake First Holy Communion Notebook.

Notebooks are fun to do with kids. You do bits at a time, and you can adapt it to the skill level of the child. One can write, do narration, color, draw, etc. and each produce a unique piece.

For Skipper's FHC notebook, I divided the year into Our Faith, Salvation History, the Sacrament of Reconciliation (post to come), and the Sacrament of First Holy Communion (post to come). Since he struggles with handwriting, he personalized his notebook through narration, choosing the cardstock, the folder, the images, and using stickers. If your child likes to draw, color, or write that would make for an even more personalized notebook.

Our Faith

The Cover Page

All the notebook pages were a heavier cardstock, three-holed punched, and stuck in a one inch binder. For the cover, I used this image and added the title myself in a picture editor.

My Name

Skipper looked up the saints for his name and narrated the stories to me to type. He added images of each saint as well (and you can't miss those stickers!).

The Nicene Creed

It was a simple cut and paste, but we read and talked about it as well.

God the Creator

Skipper's picture, Psalm 139:13-16, hand and globe picture, and title.

My Baptism

Baptism picture, picture of baptism candle, description of Skipper's baptism, and what baptism is in Skipper's own words.

The Blessed Trinity

Glory Be prayer, title, and a simple cut and paste craft.

Mary, the Mother of God

Picture of Mary, title, who Mary is in Skipper's own words, Hail Mary prayer.

My Guardian Angel

(Ignore Skipper's obvious lack of planning on this page.)

Guardian angel picture, Angel of God prayer, title, who a guardian angel is to Skipper.

The Bible

What the Bible is in Skipper's words, title, picture.

The Lord's Prayer

Copy work time! I was so proud of Skipper's handwriting here. He kept at it until it was done, and wrote so neatly - a real feat after struggling so long with writing.

Psalm 23

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