Saturday, June 29, 2013

Odds and Ends (1)

Just a space for a little bit of this 'n that. Stories that touched me. Prayers needed. Links that expose the truth. Pieces of my life. My own little Quick Takes, if you will (I just don't have a magic number and I don't have to remember to link up!).

When Unschooling Fails ... This is quite a simple, little post really, but I found it a great reminder of one reason I home school. Here's a little snippet:
"It's important to set goals for your homeschooling. The Catholic perspective is that the primary goal of education is faith formation and getting one's children to Heaven. That is the desired, end result. Academics are secondary, but they are important."
Some books to consider:

We own the Once Upon a Time Saints and the More Once Upon a Time Saints books, so I was excited to see this one, which puts stories according to the liturgical year starting with Advent in December. This book is on my wishlist to start reading this Advent with the kids!

The kids first found this on the "new" book shelf at the library. It's one of a handful Explore the Earth book series. The book was colorful and fun, with little tidbits of information and lift flaps. The boys sat for quite a time exploring it, and did not want to return the book.

The Temperament God Gave Your Kids by Art and Laraine Bennett

I am currently reading this book, and it is a fun read! The authors describe children based on four different personality types and how to bring out each type's good qualities, how to discipline, educate, etc. I find it a very interesting but easy to read. So far, I only see my oldest as a mix of two types (melancholic and phlegmatic) and possibly the baby as sanguine but the middle two, I find harder to place. Regardless of whether you "label your child" as a certain personality type, the book gives a gentle reminder that we must first look to our children's personalities in educating and disciplining them, that a one size fits all approach does not work. Really, just common sense and observation, right?


The Pagans are Happy to Socialize Your Children ... a home school mom friend shared this through an email group and on Facebook. Worth reading for sure, and is just one reason I home school. Really, though, home schooling is a personal decision. Parents need to be involved no matter how their children are educated!


Not This Family ... a blog post over at Catholic Sistas on the sexualization of our culture. I agree 100% with saying that avoidance of said oversexualization (in ads, tv, books, magazines, etc.) is not enough. I have thought a lot on this lately. I continue to do so.


Well, I am sure you all have heard the news on same sex marriage so there's no need to go there... The National Catholic Register put out a nice post on marriage. Marriage is a Path to Holiness: Practical Advice for a Happy Home. Our examples of traditional, holy marriages are so needed, and even more so as our society experiences the aftereffects of allowing the further breakdown of marriage. Oh, I just read a friend's post on their response to a beloved gay family member's wedding announcement (not invitation). It's a lovely response that I am bookmarking for the day I need it.


On a lighter, final note... I put Miss Z down for a nap and came downstairs to the sound of a young voice, reading, and to the sight of this:

I love it!

Until next time, God bless.

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