Thursday, January 3, 2013

ONE of a kind: a little girl turns 1!

A snowflake theme! Ok, just a little theme, but I did not go crazy over it. I still really want to try this freezer paper stencil t-shirt idea, but since I forgot to buy the outrageously expensive paper for the 100th time - again - I grabbed my fabric paint and turned this mock neck into a cute party accessory. (I really like this shirt but an ink pen somehow found its way to it, and so I used the painting as a chance to hide the stain and be able to wear the shirt again!). By the way, do an image google search for freezer paper stencil ideas. AMAZING! I could waste too many hours googling... Still, I thought the fabric paint turned out cute, and now I have a little keepsake of the day.

Unwrapping presents. Little Miss Z easily grabs stuff from bags, unwrapped, and she finally tore paper on her own as well. It must have been the handful of Christmas parties over the past week that cinched that. Big sister and brothers really, really wanted to help her unwrap. ;)

Cake and punch time. The pink punch is your standard pink ale (cranberry-flavored ginger ale) mixed with raspberry sherbet. We had quite a few treats. It was not by my initiative. I was requested, mainly because the allergen-free red velvet cake is to die for and the crowd was sad to not have a second piece this past summer at Miss Bear's third birthday party. So the #1 cake is the red velvet, the cupcakes are the vanilla cupcake recipe from Cybele's book, and the snowflake cookie cut-outs were requested by Skipper who was sad all our Christmas cookies were eaten already (me too!).

And now for the real reason you even take on a first birthday party in the first place! Of all my kids, I thought that Miss Z would dive in and create the most mess. She did dive right in, and she certainly ATE most of her cupcake (versus playing with it), but she was surprisingly very neat, with only a few crumbs in her bib and on her lap.

It's so fun to be one!


  1. Oh, happy birthday sweetie!! God bless you!

    She looks adorable--love the shirt and the pink snowflake theme! Gosh those cookies look so yummy!

    AND YOU--I don't think I've seen you--You are beautiful!! you are so young and pretty!!

    You need to show us you more often!

  2. Thanks Jamie Jo. The cookies were good. I am still sad the second batch is gone. ;)

    And the picture thing, yeah, I need more pictures of me with the kids. I was looking at past pictures and I maybe showed up in one or two a year so I have decided to make sure to put myself in more this year.


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