Sunday, January 6, 2013

Epiphany at Home

The wise still seek Him...

Today we celebrated the Feast of the Epiphany. The kids were excited to see Father in gold, and to pay a visit to the Nativity scene, where the three kings have finally arrived.

At home, we spent a good part of the day relaxing. The kids had had a late night of fun at my parents' for a long-promised "movie night overnight." Plus, my husband is still having a rough time feeling better from his illness just after Christmas, and had a rough spell today. I am thinking a doctor's visit may be in order.

Our home celebration centered around the dinner table, with prayer time, three simple Epiphany gifts, and a king's cake. 

For the gifts, I gave gold (aka, gold-covered chocolate), frankincense (scented pens), and myrrh (bubble bath). The kids were excited, obviously, but Skipper most of all, as I had had two of these gifts wrapped last year, but never brought them out for Epiphany since we had our hands full with newly-born Miss Z, and he of course remembered that and was quite observant and a tad insistent in making sure I had all the gifts this year.

The king's cake? I made an orange chiffon cake with orange rum sauce. After it baked and cooled, I pushed a little dried pasta shell into the bottom. When I served the cake, I let everyone choose which section to eat, and Critter chose the piece with the shell, which tradition holds that he will have a good year. By the way, tradition usually uses a bean, but I had a bag of pasta open so I used what was on hand. ;)

After dinner, we blessed the house with chalk and the writing: 20+C+M+B+13.

All in all, a very nice way to end the whirlwind of Christmas. We will slowly take down our decorations, but I will probably leave up the wintry decor and the nativity until the Presentation of the Lord, on February 2nd.

O God, 
Who by a star 
guided the wise men to the worship of your Son, 
we pray you to lead to yourself 
the wise and great of every land 
that unto you every knee may bow, 
and every thought be brought into captivity, t
hrough Jesus Christ our Lord. 

~~The Church in Jerusalem Epiphany Prayer~~


  1. Hi Nicole! Happy New Year to you. I'm doing some catch up reading since I've been offline for so long.

    It is always so nice to visit your place. I just love how you incorporate your faith into your daily life. What a lovely way to celebrate Epiphany! I'm afraid I have yet to get back to some kind of order here.

    Happy Belated Birthday to your little one. I cannot believe how quickly last year flew by!

    Anyway, I wish you all God's blessings for the New Year. Take care of yourself!


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