Friday, December 28, 2012

Peekaboo - Someone is one!

This time last year we were holding a sleepy newborn in our arms, and now Miss Z is one!

I could not imagine life without her. She is our sunshine baby in the middle of winter - always smiling, laughing, interacting.

Of course today we are all under the weather a bit so there have been a few tears. We had planned a little extended family celebration but we postponed it until New Year's Eve, when we put on a family bash. That should hopefully give time for the germs to clear and for me to clean up post-presents and do more baking.

I will post some cake smashing photos in the New Year.

Meanwhile, give your babies - young and old - a BIG hug and an even BIGGER blessing on this Feast of the Holy Innocents, those first martyrs for Christ. Can you imagine the brutality, the shock, the loss those poor mothers and families felt? It is too easy today to say that the present is full of evil, full of brutality, full of death,so much more than the past, and to question, why? Don't you think that has been true of every age? Isn't that why Jesus was born? To break the cycle of sin, to open up heaven, and to bring us all to Him at the end of times? Let us pray that we remember these holy innocents and remember their sacrifice for all the world, that it brings to mind our own choice as well. Do we choose Christ - would we die for Him - or are we against Him as those precious babies' persecutors were? Do we choose life... or death? An interesting read - On The Feast of the Holy Innocents: A Meditation on the Sins Committed Against Children.

"Blessed are you, Bethlehem in the land of Judah! You suffered the inhumanity of King Herod in the murder of your babes and thereby have become worthy to offer to the Lord a pure host of infants. In full right do we celebrate the heavenly birthday of these children whom the world caused to be born unto an eternally blessed life rather than that from their mothers' womb, for they attained the grace of everlasting life before the enjoyment of the present. The precious death of any martyr deserves high praise because of his heroic confession; the death of these children is precious in the sight of God because of the beatitude they gained so quickly. For already at the beginning of their lives they pass on. The end of the present life is for them the beginning of glory. These then, whom Herod's cruelty tore as sucklings from their mothers' bosom, are justly hailed as "infant martyr flowers"; they were the Church's first blossoms, matured by the frost of persecution during the cold winter of unbelief.
— St. Augustine


  1. Happy birthday and many blessings for your sweet baby!! What a special day to be born on. My parents anniversary too--44 years.

  2. She's adorable, she looks so big compared to Simeon!

  3. Thank you Jamie Jo. And how wonderful for your parents' anniversary.

    And yes, I am sure she's bigger than Simeon, but she is a big baby in general! Believe it or not, she didn't even really start eating solids consistently until a few weeks ago. And, one disadvantage (or advantage?) of having chubbier babies is that it seems to slow down the physical milestones a bit.


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