Sunday, December 2, 2012

Midnight Odds & Ends

It's midnight. 12:02 to be exact. Late. Too late. Usually I am fast asleep by now. But baby is awake and I feel restless myself. (Please, Lord, let it not be another migraine!)


We had a low-key week. Miss Z was sick with a high fever for 3 solid days and a night of bad congestion. A new tooth erupted to finish off her week. Poor girl. She is all smiles now - and laughs and lalala tongue noises because she loves to stick hers out. I think she's skipping crawling. She'll army crawl for the rare treasure and even try to get on her knees at times and hop a bit like a frog, but now she is very interested in standing - for very long times as a certain back can attest to. ;)


Advent plans... they look so nice on paper - so nice and organized. It really is too bad that does not work when you go to implement it. All my first week's items are on my dining room table. I have no wall space for my much loved Jesse tree. I never got around to cutting greenery for our wreath and it is supposed to rain tonight and tomorrow and maybe on Monday. And I still have the bulk of my shopping to do. What a mood killer that is. Only very rarely do I like to shop.


So today was beautiful but busy. We used up the morning at the library and grocery store since we were house bound all week. At home I painted the front door which needed it badly. Of course Miss Z was so tempted she crawled 15 feet to stick her hand on the stoop, in the wet paint. Talk about motivation. And no sooner had I finished painting I came back to the door to see finger smudges. Ahhh! One day I will have smudge-free doors and it will be too quiet, and I fully expect I will love/hate that day.

I also baked up brownies for the kids and my husband. Of course I wanted something so I made pumpkin bars which I had never got around to making this fall. Boy, they are good but not good for me. I am getting pretty tired of food and how it affects me. Sometimes I dream of being blissfully unaware of what food can do to a person and just enjoying a bite of whatever. Or going out with a friend wherever. Or kissing your husband whenever. I suppose that's a dangerous path to go down but I haven't quite figured out how to stop the wishful thinking.


Pictures... Blogger says I am all full and must pay $3/month to put pictures up. Really??? There must be another way. I just haven't figured it out.

Which means if you stuck through this wordy post, with too many "ands" and runon sentences and improper English AND no pictures, then either you are bored at 1:00am or you are super sweet. God bless you.


  1. How about bored at 5am? I am up pumping breastmilk!! Wall space? We use doors, does that help? Even the patio door, or the back of the front door.

    Sorry about your food issues...

    Love that paint story....but am sorry for you at the same's cute, but not cute at the same time!

    That 3 buck thing for pictures, I think it's only per year, not month. I had to buy space last year and it's not that much really, considering we get to do all this free! I felt the same way last year though...when it all of a sudden didn't let me do it!

    1. Jamie Jo, you may have been bored but you are definitely sweet as well. :)

      I found a place for the Jesse tree! It's our dining/school room. I had to wrap it in a corner but it actually looks nice and it is a good height so the kids can access it easily.

      The picture thing says it's per month so maybe he plan changed? The weird thing is in picassa it says I have no room but if I click upgrade it says I have only used 39% of the space so I don't get it. Hopefully I figure it out soon because I just know you all are dying to see my obviously unprofessional photos. :)

  2. Hi Nicole...its after midnight here too (a few days later). I've been up late doing some baking and catching up on some reading since I've been mostly offline with all that I've had to do.

    Yeah, I know what you mean bout plans looking nice on house still looks crazy with half put up decorations and boxes all over the place. I am not a happy person right now! Well, the family will just have to pull together to get it all done before we leave...right?

    One thing I made sure to do is my Advent wreath and we did the Jesse tree. I used a free printable for the ornaments from a blogger whom I follow and they are beautiful. I've also been doing the Advent Adventure with Lillie (thanks for the link). She's really excited to get online everyday after school and look at the videos and she's already made up a bit of a bed for baby Jesus by doing things like sweeping and wiping the table after meals etc. It is really a beautiful programme.

    I'm sorry to hear of your problems with Blogger...I guess I can expect to get the same message any day soon myself, though I haven't been blogging regularly.

    Well, I'd better get myself off to bed now. I hope that your Advent turns out to be even better than you wanted...give yourself some grace! You've got a lot on your plate and the main thing is that you and your family are happy and peace reigns.

    Take care!


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