Saturday, September 22, 2012

Gluten Free + and a Quick Update

It was a crazy week. Somehow I felt like we were in the middle of winter suffering from cabin fever. I had hoped to do two weeks worth of school before stopping for a short fall break, but I think we may have to step that break up to next week.

I sure love fall and am looking forward to doing some fun fall activities with the kids. We may be on break but that does not mean we cannot have some fun with the season!

Last week was a round of doctor visits. Skipper at the dermatologist (nothing new). Then Miss Z who had a check-up and some tests, and even our dog had to go to the vet for a second round of vaccines and getting some medicine.

Miss Z has had a rough tummy week. Thankfully she has been her smiley, sweet self despite everything. After seeing some blood in her stool, the doctor ran some tests. It turns out she has an e. coli infection! Crazy stuff! No one else is sick and you get it from eating contaminated foods, drinking contaminated water, or being around contaminated farm animals. Any table food or water Miss Z eats or drink, we do too. So the most logical explanation is her baby food, which is scary! The doctor said it is a form that can make kids very sick but Miss Z seems to be holding her own. It is a wait and see approach as antibiotics have been found to make the infection worse. Prayers would be appreciated that it clears up quickly and without complications.

Finally, I added a gluten-free resource page to my blog. I have no desire to create a gluten-free blog. There are so many great ones out there. However, I have had many people come to me looking for gluten-free (or dairy-free) recipes, advice, questions. So far, I have written it out, time and again. Now, I have a place to point them to - it gives them the needed information and for me, it saves time. I am still adding my favorite recipes, and the page will continue to change as I find and add more. I simply wanted to share with those who may find it useful.

Take care in your week ahead and God bless!

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