Friday, August 31, 2012

Nature Walk Friday

The kids and I took the camera along on one of our obedience walks for Lucy around the yard. Along the way, we found some interesting things. Come join us on our walk!

We scared a frog by the little fish pond. Now we know to try and sneak up on it next time. Along one side of the pond this weed grows:

Miss Bear says they are blueberries (they are not and most definitely not edible!). My dad calls it skunk weed because of the smell it makes when he pulls it up. Whatever it is, it is growing like crazy around here. I do find it pretty, but I will be sure not to crush it.

A few buckeye trees, our state tree, grow on one side of the lot. The buckeyes are starting to drop. The kids are amazed at these and keep wanting to open more. The boys even planted their own buckeyes in the hope of growing their own tree.

My uncle grows a garden in the lot next door. We have had our share of tomatoes lately and making some wonderful homemade tomato soup. I love the look of asparagus leaves. I never liked asparagus until I had it picked fresh. What a world of difference! These stalks get me excited for the spring.

And here's a lovely little yellow flower. Another weed of some kind but pretty nonetheless.

Finally, check out this tooth my kids, the archaeologists dug up. Not flowers and greenery, but interesting enough.

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