Saturday, August 11, 2012

A Fitting Quote, No?

I receive daily minute meditations in my email via Here is a recent one, definitely fitting for what I posted earlier, and one I plan on copying out. I wanted to share.


God is going to take care of us, whether or not we can see down the road. He will not let us walk in darkness and leave us there alone. He will not let us walk to a place and abandon us. 

And now, to get busy. I need to start some bread for the boys so they can enjoy their first pizza pies off the campfire. A tent needs setting up, but I see it's now starting to rain! We need to rain so desperately so no complaints, but I really, really hope for a clear night. And boy, it is chilly outside! I love it!

Peace to your weekend.

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  1. that is a beautiful quote. thanks for sharing. we've been getting a little rain here lately. it's so welcome.


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