Sunday, July 22, 2012

Summer Highlights

The summer is slipping by here so fast. Like most of the U.S., it has been incredibly hot. Everything is turning brown. I have never been concerned with spontaneous fire in Ohio, but this dryness leaves me a little leery. We did have a little downpour last Thursday night that left us quite cool and chilly at 70 degrees!

Moving has taken up a huge part of the summer, but most of the residual boxes are cleaned up, and we still have a few items left at the old house to wrap up so we can get it on the market. That will be such a relief to be done with!

I also started school a few weeks ago, which has worked especially well with this hot summer. Thank goodness for A/C! Most of our days look like this: wake up, eat, do seat work, lunch, wrap up with the "fun" part of school, play, read, swim, dinner, swim, read, bed. The kids see a lot of their grandparents, which is so nice.

We have made weekly visits to our small, local library. It really is a gem in this little town. This month, Skipper has been reading to a therapy dog, a big labradoodle named Lucy. The kids are also finishing up the summer reading program and eagerly awaiting the drawings to take place in August. And, see the little froggy below? He came from a story time tote to accompany the book, "Froggy gets dressed." 

Homemade muffins using fresh-picked blackberries and a little imagination... What morning could be more perfect? Ok, so the kids picked out all the berries (crazy kids!), but I thought they were good.

Playing with math blocks after school. I am not sure what this is supposed to be. Many of these pictures came as a surprise when I dumped my photos on my computer. My kids like to borrow the camera often.

Check out this neat moth my mom found right next door. That is Miss Bear's hand next to the moth. It was just chillin' there in the sun on my grandma's pink watering can.

And, big news, Miss Bear is potty trained! Stickers and new underwear were the magic key for her. So, yay, I am so happy with that!

One more thing... Remember how I said certain children love to borrow my camera? Check out this video I found on there:

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  1. wow what a laugh he has!! sweet. We love froggy gets dressed too!! you've got quite a busy household!!


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