Friday, June 29, 2012

Hands-On with Saturn

The boys and I have finished with our Astronomy study, using Exploring Creation with Astronomy by Jeannie Fulbright, but I am a handful of lessons behind in posting! Don't be surprised to see a rash of space-related posts pop up!

For Saturn, I pretty much ran out of steam. We read the lesson in the book, worked on Skipper's lapbook and Critter's notebook, and wrapped up with some simple hands-on activities.

First, the kids created a flip book all about Saturn's rings. I think Critter liked this the most, and it is something I can add to their books.

We also headed online to learn about the Cassini Solstice Mission, which was sent recently to study Saturn and its moons. The site has beautiful pictures, as well as a bunch of information about the mission, the spacecraft, and more. I thought it was neat.

To finish up, we attempted to make rockets using a soda bottle and lemon juice. With my husband's help, we used 20 oz pop bottle, but the reaction was much too quick and the resulting "rocket" was a bit disappointing. My husband thinks we need to use a larger bottle so he wants to redo the experiment - and isn't that what experimentation is all about?

One last idea I pondered, but did not do was to create a 3D model of Saturn.

That's all for now, until I come back with the last of the gaseous planets.

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