Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Wind and Sea Obey Him

Here we are, the fourth week of Easter. Today we had our fourth Garden of the Good Shepherd party (using this sticker/Bible activity). The kids really enjoy placing the sticker on, and they most certainly have enjoyed the foodie parties! This week I was not quite as prepared as the last few so I had some last minute changes, but I think it worked! Check it out:

The Wind and Sea Obey Him
Symbols to use: boat, mast, sail, net, fish, barbecue, leviathan

The Decor

We laid out our casual tablecloth and the boys added some blue "water" paper napkins and then searched the house for some sea themed toys. I laid the leviathan in the middle of the toys.

The Drink

I completely forgot about this! I had some Ocean Spray cranberry juice chilling in the fridge for the occasion. I guess we will have to enjoy it with breakfast this week!

The Meal
The leviathan appetizer: raw peppers with a cashew sour cream ranch dip (and some other cut-up veggies off to the side).

Fish-shaped cheese to put on the burgers (the barbecue).

Here is our net (some saran wrap over half of the fish).

And our boat (with sail and mast). The kids thought this was fun to play with, but my husband and I enjoyed eating it the most. I used Daiya cheese on mine and skipped the sour cream, but my husband indulged in the heart-ahem-healthy side. The mast and sail was a toothpick with a triangle paper flag glued on. Easy peasy - and helped the kids at least try the potato skins.

The Dessert

No picture for this one. Again, mental lapse. Initially I meant to make up some blue jello with Swedish fish and a cool-whip "net" but time slipped away, and instead the kids had some Superman (i.e., multi-colored) ice-cream, which actually worked out. As Skipper said, "I'm eating the land now." (The ice-cream was half-melted so the sea was the liquidy part around the firmer "island." Pretty clever!)

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"How varied are your works, Lord! In wisdom you have made them all; the earth is full of your creatures. There is the sea, great and wide! It teems with countless beings, living things both large and small. There ships ply their course and Leviathan, whom you formed to play with."  ~~Psalm 104:24-26


  1. Nicole, everything is so unique and wonderful. I'm getting good ideas from your post. We have fallen behind in our Good Shepherd parties, having been out of town last week, so I'm thinking of trying to combine weeks three and four. I love your Meal.

  2. These are great. I showed the boys. Their mama never does cool food, but I'm going to start one of these days, b/c these ideas are so great!

  3. Gardenia, thanks. I'd combine weeks 3 & 4 too! Use some symbols for decor and some for food if you don't want a ton of food.

    Elisa, I don't normally do fun food much either. A unit study may spark something, but I loved the garden party idea since I saw it last year. It's been pretty easy to do so far.

  4. I love your leviathan appetizer! I had seen that idea awhile back and have been wanting to try it, but decided to make things extra easy on myself (with our Good Shepherd's Garden Party) this week!

    And your boats look delicious!! Yum!!

  5. Thanks Jessica! The leviathan was so easy to make! And goes so well with the cashew cream dip.


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