Thursday, May 10, 2012

Nature Walk

Elisa, over at Elisa Loves, decided to host a weekly garden party, showing off what's growing in each of our neck of the woods. While Elisa has far better photography skills (I have none!), I thought it would be fun to join up. This past Sunday, I walked around the house to see what was happening, and was pleasantly surprised by what I found. It was such a beautiful day to play outside, but between the bright sun and Miss Z in my arms, my photos are worse than normal, haha! Be inspired... Link up... What's growing in your yard?

Catnip in bloom. My cat likes this herb, fresh or dried. This herb sure grows easily (it is a mint after all!), but it is easy to keep pruned - and still looks nice when you do.

Pretty lilac bloom - much prettier than this photo shows. Mine are a purply-pink and smell oh so good!

First greenery in the garden: onions, broccoli, kale, cauliflower, and some lettuce and spinach starting to sprout.

Our weigela bush out front in bloom. This bush is nice. I love its loose form and multiple blooms.

English thyme. I love herbs. Love, love, love them. I am not a huge thyme person for my food, but to grow it? Heavenly! It smells wonderful, looks great, takes a beating and still grows beautifully. It grows so well I need to trim it multiple times throughout the growing season.

An early bloomer. It only grew about three inches tall before popping out. A splash of bright orange always gives me a smile.

Looks like a maple tree is trying to take root behind a front bush. The little "weed" on the right is such a pretty little thing - delicate heart-shaped leaves with small, buttercup-like flowers. The best thing I love about this plant is that it is edible.

I will have the kids take a walk with me, and snap a few pictures themselves for a future post, but this time around I enjoyed a little quiet walk.


  1. Hi Nicole,
    I am popping over from Elissa's link party. I love the catnip and you've inspired me to plant some considering we have two indoor Siamese cats and a feral cat that's decided to stay put in my yard! Question: Is it as invasive as other mints? Lilac is my all time favorite. Nothing compares to the blooms beautiful fragrance. If only they lasted longer.

  2. Everything is lovely nicole. Your tiger lillies are definitely early bloomers. we are still waiting for ours. Thanks for sharing your beautiful garden and yard.

  3. Catnip is mint!? I had NO idea! Haha, learn something new every day. =) Your veggie garden is great!! I love how organized it is..I'm still a bit too embarrassed to show everyone what ours looks like. ;) I do like using Thyme with chicken or fish. Yum. That is so cool that the yellow flowers are edible. I should get a book about "edible weeds".

  4. Hi Nicole,

    Your plants are beautiful - I love herbs, too. Our winter vegetables are growing here, at the moment, and we have broccoli and cauliflower in, too. Can you grow them all year round, where you are?

    God bless :-)

  5. Lots of questions, fun! :)

    Gardenia - the one lily bloomed very early. All the rest are nowhere near blooming and are busy growing tall and bushing out.

    Catnip - yes, it is considered an invasive plant. However, in my experience it is not as bad as some of the other mints. This particular plant I put in last year and it grew from a transplant to 2-foot spread. I trim it back and keep it in a rounded form very, very frequently. I do not have issues with runners - yet.

    Elisa, one unique characteristics of mints are its stems. They are square! Also, my garden appears so neat because those are new beds and we are trying out the square foot gardening method.

    Vicky, where I live you can plant broccoli in April for a spring crop. I sure hope so anyway. Our weather has been all over the place. This is the first time I'm trying to grow it so it is an experiment! I used a transplant. In my area, you can then plant another crop for the fall (starting transplants from seed in July sometime). My kale is growing like crazy right now.

  6. Hi Nicole! So happy to meet you via Elisa's Nature Walk party!
    Your garden is lovely. I'm thinking I'll give some herbs a try this year - you've inspired me! :)
    Hope you have a great weekend and wonderful Mother's Day!
    ~ Zuzu

  7. Zuzu, try herbs - they are great, even if you don't use them! Mine thrive where other plants might not, smell great, etc. I like them because they are pretty low maintenance. Yes, I do trim them back a lot but that's minimal effort and keeps them from going too crazy. Most take that beating well. Just be cautious of invasives and plant those where they can't escape into the yard or another bed! Have fun!


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