Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Our Easter in Pictures

So excited to see her Easter basket! 

Checking things out - so hard to not tear into the baskets.

The carrot cake that fell apart - but I salvaged it and it was soo delicious!

My cuties!

Outdoor egg hunt.
Finding even more eggs.

An earlier frost delayed these blooms but they were worth the wait.

Our other cherry tree did not bloom so well but the blooms that did - beautiful! And do you see the little surprise?


  1. Beautiful blossoms...and beautiful children. They are so cute.

  2. your flowering trees are beautiful!! love that pink. and your children -- that photo of them all together with baby on their lap is priceless!! Happy Eastertide.

  3. Oh, your kids are soooo cuuute!

  4. Nicole!! LOVE your new header! I showed my kids and Isaiah said: "Wooooow." Gorgeous pictures. Love it. So happy it worked!


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