Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Good Shepherd's Pasture

Last year, to help celebrate the 50 days of Easter, I had bought the sticker activity, Garden of the Good Shepherd, and had really wanted to do the parties that Jessica and Charlotte began a couple of years ago. But, we ended up going on a 3-week road trip the day after Easter, and that was pretty much it. So this year we are doing it! After all, the kids have to eat, right?!

The activity itself is simple enough in our household. Each day we read the Bible passage, find the sticker and have a quick talk about it, and how the symbol shows us a part of who Jesus is to us. The poster and stickers are not overly cute so I see this lasting awhile (assuming the stickers do!) and the kids love putting the stickers on. Today we had our first "party" based on the first week's theme of The Good Shepherd's Pasture. With a few simple items we turned a regular meal into a symbolic one. In our house, Sundays are always "Sweet Sundays" - a day that I make a special treat and the day we have our dessert. But this little "party" helped make the second Sunday of Easter even more special and the kids sure had fun figuring out what each item was from the sticker book.

For each party, I planned out the decor (simple, simple!) as well as a drink, a dessert, and the meal. All are based on the stickers and theme of the previous week - and all had to be relatively easy! Plus, everything is gluten and egg-free (and some dairy free). Here's what we had for this first week:

The Good Shepherd's Pasture
Symbols to use: shepherd, shepherd's crook, sheepfold, gate, ewe and ram, lamb, wolf

The Decor
**a shepherd and sheep from our Nativity set**

The Drink

The Meal

(using chicken broth for my mashed potatoes, and substituting gluten-free flour for the thickening agent)

**sheep popcorn in the sheepfold bowl**

**pretzel gates held together with pb**

**cottage cheese ewe and ram with cheese body pieces**

The Dessert
**wolf paw brownie**

I used this brownie recipe (minus the nuts and added the frosting and chocolate chips).

I linked up my party with many others over at Catholic Cuisine so go check out their parties too!

"I am the good shepherd: the good shepherd lays down his life for his sheep." ~ John 10:11


  1. We did these the last few years, lot of fun! Taking a break this year and just trying to do some other fun Easter stuff! You guys will really enjoy it!

  2. We're doing the Garden of the Good Shepherd this year too! Hats off to you for all the adaptations you have to make because of your kids' allergies, etc. It looks like it turned out great! We'll have to share ideas.

  3. Sylvia, playing with food is always fun! And really, about all I feel like doing this year. We've all lots and lots of basic school days this spring. At least this happens on the weekend. :)

    Katie, I saw your past posts (gleaning ideas) and it looks like you all enjoy this a lot! I think this week was probably the most work overall but really, not much more than a typical meal. And the brownie was sooo good. I'm glad I found that recipe.

  4. I love all your creations, Nicole! ((and your new blog header)). the cottage cheese ewe and ram are delightful! and using the nativity scene figures is a great idea!!

  5. Really LOVE the Cottage Cheese Ewes and Rams!

    Great idea!


  6. Everything looks great! I saw your post at Catholic Cuisine and wanted to visit! Congratulations!!

  7. Great job, Nicole! I, too, love your cottage cheese ewe and rams, so creative!

  8. I, too, am finally getting to do this with the family after having the sticker book from last year.

    I love the adaptations you made. The ram is wonderful.

    looking forward to seeing what you get done next week



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