Monday, March 5, 2012

State Study: Alabama

Slowly, slowly, getting back into a planned school schedule and catching up on some backwork. Today I helped Skipper with his next state to go into his scrapbook: Alabama. He also did a little exercise in a state workbook (contains handwriting practice, dot-to-dot, activity, and fact for each state).

Because Alabama was home to the scientists who built rockets to put the first man on the moon, Skipper and Critter made these far-out sparkle space artwork. They actually did this way back in December, pre-baby, and they have been hanging on our walls since. For full directions, check out Deep Space Sparkle's site for Rocket and Space Art Collage for Kids. Great site by the way!

On Alabama's coin I saw Helen Keller so that led to a talk about being blind. (We didn't get into being deaf - Skipper was still stuck on being blind). We read a bit here on PBS and made a message in Braille (I love you!). I added some glue dots as they suggested so the kids could feel how it would be to "read."

Skipper may have had some fun pretending to be blind (he was supposed to find the bathroom), but he was definitely sure he would not want to be that way permanently! This ended up being a nice little impromptu lesson!

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