Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Blast-Off to the Moon!

We sure are enjoying science here this year, using Jeannie Fulbright's Exploring Creation with Astronomy. One of things I like best is how it flows. Each lesson takes us approximately two weeks. The first week we ease into the lesson with a bit of reading each day (I also find supplemental books at the library for the kids to look at or for me to read if they desire). After reading, the boys work on their lapbook for the lesson. Then, the following week, the fun really peaks with hands-on activities. I try to keep these activities simple, easy for me, and cheap.  And so far, the kids have loved it!

Recently we wrapped up our lesson on the moon. Skipper was certainly inspired to become an astronaut after this lesson!

We worked together and made a moon viewer:

On clear nights, the boys check out what phase the moon is in and mark it on their charts. On cloudy nights, we use our wall clock which also shows the moon phase. (We also used the Internet to fill in gaps on those days I was sick.) The boys are charting the month for one cycle and they are just about done.

All the kids joined in on making a 2D moon art project. The kids traced around an upside-down bowl to form a circle on dark card stock. I mixed some flour in with some gesso (white paint would be fine) and they painted in their moons. Using a plastic bottle lid, they formed craters. Once dry, golden stars were added.

Miss Bear's.



While visiting my parents, we also found my old telescope and are eagerly awaiting a clear night when the kids can stay up and check out the moon and stars. The book suggested making your own telescope but this is much easier!

One Sweet Sunday the boys attempted making a "chart" of the moon's cycle using Kinnitoos gluten-free chocolate cookies (think Oreos) but it did not really work. The cream did not come clean like it does with Oreos. But it was still fun and yummy!

Two additional activities I came across but did not do are: a moon flip book of the moon's phases (more of an art project) and why the moon stays in orbit around the earth.

Now, it's off to Mars!


  1. We are finishing up Mars now! ;) I just posted about the moon. Looks like you guys are having a lot of fun too!

  2. What a wonderful unit study. their creations are adorable!


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