Wednesday, February 29, 2012

What do you breathe?

During Lent I use the little black book. Do you know the one I mean? The one parishes donate out. The one with only a black cover that can be taken anywhere. I always hate that wording because then it makes it seems as if you might be ashamed of your faith. Anyway, I digress...

Yesterday's meditation spoke very closely to one of my Lenten aspirations. I am going to paraphrase, and no doubt badly, but here goes. We have a choice on how we react to the world around us, how we breathe, so to speak. Do you breathe love? Kindness? Patience? Or do you breathe rumors? Anger? Bitterness? We have a choice on how to breathe.

I could use so many excuses - the winter blahs, a new baby, no sleep, lack of schedule, etc. - but really, they are just excuses. Instead, I confess that I have not been the most patient, have not been slow to anger, have not been the most loving. And now I must make a choice. Do I want to breathe love? Or anger? Patience? Or frustration? Hope? Or despair?

How do you breathe? God bless you as you continue your Lenten journey.


  1. I love that little book, I'm reading it too.

  2. A wonderful reminder for all of us


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