Monday, December 5, 2011

U.S. States Study: Week 9

North Carolina & South Carolina

Whew, finally, the last of the states Skipper has done so far (except for what he learned today!). The scrapbook was done a bit ago. Just posting it seemed to take forever! Skipper had some fun with these states with making an airplane and creating a salamander work of art. Check it out.

North Carolina

Postcard, map, state bird (cardinal), state flower (dogwood), flag and info.

State coin along with images for the Wright Brothers (title, picture of them as boys and men, first flight, inspirational toy, map from Dayton, OH to Kitty Hawk, NC).


Airplane creation Skipper did in class. Easy to do with a clothespin, 2 large Popsicle sticks and 1 small Popsicle stick. Glue as shown in picture. Add decorations if desired (like Skipper's stickers or can paint everything before assembling).

South Carolina

Postcards, map, flag and info. 

Postcard, state coin, state bird (Carolina Wren), state flower (Yellow Jessamine).


Inspired artwork since South Carolina's official state amphibian is the spotted salamander (though this looks nothing like a spotted!). First Skipper painted a background. Once dry, he drew a salamander on construction paper. I helped him cut it out and then we glued it onto his background. He's cute hanging up on our wall.

The State Dinner

Again, another menu idea that has not come to fruition. However, we are planning on this meal for Wednesday. It seems like a mini Thanksgiving meal all over again! The menu:
  • turkey (NC)
  • roasted sweet potatoes (NC)
  • peaches (SC)
  • extra side, not state specific
  • pumpkin pie for dessert if I'm up for it (just because... I have a new GF/DF/EF recipe I want to try.)

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