Monday, December 5, 2011

U.S. States Study: Week 8

Kentucky & Tennessee

The state scrapbook is up-to-date - at home, if not on here! Today is another class day, which is a good thing on such a rainy day.


Spot for postcard (hopefully one day!), map, flag and info, pictures of Abe Lincoln and Daniel Boone, state flower (goldenrod), picture of the Kentucky Derby.

State bird (cardinal), state coin, Kentucky Derby game (roll dice and have your "horse" race around the track against another).

Extra workbook "fun."


Postcard, state coin, Davy Crockett, flag and info, map.

State bird (Mockingbird), state flower (Iris), Smoky Mountains watercolor.

Workbook extra "fun."

This is my example experimenting with watercolors. I tried showing Skipper how to go from light to dark (and I wasn't too patient either, as you can see by the running edges of color). We sprinkled salt over the mountains for the dotted tree effect. Once dry, we took a permanent black marker and sketched in some close-up trees.

Skipper's version. He started off well, but the more layers we added the more it all started to run into each other. He seems to like it though.

The State Dinner

We have yet to do this. Between end of the month eating out of pantry and freezer, and a few days of not feeling well, this is on our to-do list. Hopefully we can do it this week. Our menu is:

  • Fried Chicken (KY)
  • Corn Salad (TN)
  • Other side (not state specific but to make this meal a tiny bit healthier!)
  • Coca-cola - just a taste as I cannot stand the stuff but it is very American! - (TN)
  • Kentucky Derby pie
Recipes and Inspiration from the book, Eat Your Way Through the USA by Loree Pettit.

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