Tuesday, December 27, 2011

U.S. States Study: Week 10

Georgia & Florida

Skipper still has another state pair to wrap-up from the second session of his AEP class, and, due to sickness, we missed a week so we have another pair to cover yet. But... It doesn't really matter since this will be my last post on the states for awhile because the baby's coming tomorrow! We will have plenty to catch up on soon enough.

I think Skipper liked "visiting" Florida since we were able to head down that way this past spring, and it brought back a lot of fun memories from that trip. The drive down was certainly memorable. That coincided exactly with the cluster of tornadoes that hit Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee in late April. Our path through that was certainly providential as we ended up driving further than planned. We did have tornado warning sirens going out, but our location was not hit thankfully, but just north and south of us were. It was definitely a memorable night!


State postcard, state map, state flag, state bird (brown thrasher), state coin, state flower (Cherokee Rose), picture of Martin Luther King, Jr. (he was born in Atlanta, GA).

Skipper used a mix of the melted crayon art as well as plain old coloring to make up this page since  Georgia is known as the "Peach State."

Additional workbook fun.


State postcard, state flag, state coin, state flower (orange blossom), state map, state image with state symbols.

State bird (mockingbird) and state art Skipper did in class (using glue and sand to "frame" the state).

Extra workbook fun.

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