Monday, December 19, 2011

Two Christmas "Art" Projects

Melted Crayon Art

I thought it would be neat to try using the technique of "painting" with melted crayons on paper, just as we did with our candle craft. Overall, I enjoyed it more than the kids and was the only one with a finished project. I actually found it relaxing, but it does take time and patience, and I think my kids are just not ready for something so time consuming. So I will definitely have to bring this out again in the future!

My picture is simply a printed coloring page. However, after doing it, I would suggest printing and then attaching the paper to something firmer (like cardboard). Cardstock may be thick enough as well. If not, the paper will curl slightly and you could have some cracking of the dried wax. 

Another suggestion would be to use an image with few small spaces. The above coloring page actually had some finer details, but I covered them up as it was too difficult to control the wax in small spaces.

To get the look above, I heated the crayon and then dotted small sections at a time. My kids kept trying to draw with the crayon and this does create a different look, but mine ended up more with a pointillism look. It is all about experimenting! 

With this project, you could really make a nice piece of "art" and put it in a frame.

Punched-Out Christmas Trees

On a simpler note, the kids decorated paper Christmas trees using a punch hole and scraps of paper. I helped cut out the trees and star topper and they punched out their decorations. I had to help Miss Bear with that. This was super easy for Skipper, but he ended up leading the "lesson" once I showed him what to do. He sure loves "teaching" the other two!


  1. Wow, that crayon picture is really neat, I think I'd love to do that one!!

    The punch out tree we've done before, actually, it's our collage tree that is supposed to only punched out holes, and turns into a giant glitter thing!!! hahah!!

  2. You'll have to do it if you can't sleep and don't have a million other things to do. ;)

    You were brave doing glitter. I usually like it but not now, at this moment, not at all!

  3. Nicole, your melted crayon art work is gorgeous! I love the way the colors look...especially the blue! I will have to check out your directions on the candle craft and make one here.


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