Tuesday, December 6, 2011

On This Feast of St. Nicholas

All woke to find a "letter" on the table, saying, "Did you know that Santa Claus was first known as St. Nicholas? Watch this video to find out how a young boy grew up to be St. Nick. After, check your boots for a wonderful surprise. Now, it's your turn to be like St. Nicholas! Do something in secret for someone else today (do something nice but don't tell them that you did)."

The kids enjoyed the movie from CCC, Nicholas: The Boy Who Became Santa. This year we have been fielding questions from Skipper about Santa Claus. He's at that age. Today he asked if he was still alive. I told him that St. Nicholas, whose life started the stories of Santa Claus, lived and died long ago, but that he was now a saint in Heaven and the spirit of Santa Claus lives on. I'm still not sure what he thinks of that!

Finding the chocolate coins was a real treat, and I had a few blissful moments of quiet as they chomped away. Miss Bear opened up the Advent book for today (Saint Nicholas: The Real Story of the Christmas Legend by Julie Stiegemeyer). This book tied in nicely with the chocolate treat - from the coins that St. Nicholas left the daughters of his friend so that they can marry.

A fun St. Nick lunch of pancakes (with a banana cross, if you can see it) sprinkled with powdered sugar and grape juice for the "Bisschopswijn," a mulled wine or cider recipe traditionally served on Sinterklaas Day and throughout the holidays and winter in Holland. The kids devoured their lunch!

O good holy Saint Nicholas, you who brought joy to children, put in my heart the spirit of childhood about which the Gospel speaks. Teach me how to sow happiness around me. Amen.


  1. I love that "St. Nick" told them to do something secret for someone else. What a sweet way to remember his giving spirit!

  2. Yes, it didn't work too well with my two youngest but my oldest "obeyed." (He's 6.) :)

  3. What a wonderful celebration for your children! I loved the note from St. Nicholas. Great idea to tie in the video. We used to have that video, but our video player broke and we never replaced it. I'd like to eventually get all the old CCC movies we used to have on DVD. I had never heard of the traditional Dutch mulled cider. I love all of the many, many Catholic customs and traditions from around the world. It's so rich and full! Thank you for sharing your feast!

  4. What a beautiful celebration Nicole! I'm stopping by from the Catholic Cuisine Linky:) Yes, I can see the cross with bananas...Love that and they looked delicious:) Thanks for sharing!

  5. Kelly, my kids really like the CCC videos. I found the mulled wine accidentally this year, but can't remember where!

    Tiffany, thanks for stopping by!

  6. What a lovely day! How fun! Thank you for sharing!


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