Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Odds & Ends

Is Christmas truly a week away? All of our decorations are finally up - minus the Holy Family and the Wise Men from the Nativity scene. Cookies have yet to baked for Christmas Eve, and presents need wrapped. Still, for some reason, it does not feel like Christmas is nearly here. I feel stuck in Advent, though I have a feeling these last few weeks of pregnancy are not helping! I am in those days of "I am so done with this pregnancy." The baby feels so big (I measured 41 weeks at last week's appointment), my hip is killing me, and so I am in a constant change of position. At least a few things get done because of not sleeping. More on baby later this week since we look forward to an ultrasound on Thursday to make sure baby is doing ok and try to estimate a size (haha, like that is ever accurate!).

Here, my odds and ends of the last few days or so...

Isn't this a cool 3D sticker? Miss Bear was "gifted" with a multitude of stickers after having a blood draw done. We have her enrolled in a celiac disease research study, and she is tested every six months to see if she reacts to gluten, among other things. (She is genetically predisposed to the disease.)

Critter having a fun "M" week last week using M&Ms. Who wouldn't have fun? Here, he is sorting M&Ms by color and then figuring out which color he has the most and least of. Orange won out. I sure wish I had snapped a shot of his chocolate mustache. How that child gets food all around his mouth no matter what he eats I will never know!

A little hands-on with Venus (observing how lava flows and reforms back into solid rock). More hands-on with Venus coming in a future post - hopefully sooner rather than later! Unless the baby comes, and then I will gladly wait until later.

Our cat, Sirius, enjoying a gift bag with the visit of Grandma and Grandpa. He is so much fun to have around on Christmas morning.

Miss Bear was so excited to have Grandma and Grandpa visit (my husband's parents), along with a little bundle of gifts. Her favorite? Little Happy Meal toys from the Puss in Boots movie.

More fun for Sirius with tissue paper and feet to attack.

The boys loving their new I Spy Bingo game. The game is nice because it has two levels of difficulty and Critter can easily play on the easier level (alphabetical order and more about finding pictures than knowing letter sounds, which he is still working on).

My grandma's finished shawl that my mom commissioned me to do after gifting her one last Christmas. It is a super easy knit pattern, but I am the slowest knitter in the world! This shawl was made using Lion Brand Homespun Yarn. I love the colors. The picture makes it hard to see but it reminds me of the sea with its blues, greens, and hints of purple and brown.

Keeping a toddler busy is no easy feat, but this kept Miss Bear occupied. At least, for five minutes anyway! A little scribbling on paper with washable markers and then painting the paper with water. (And she now keeps her clothes on but it is nearly always pajamas!)

And finally, our new washer arrived today! What a boring picture, but I am so happy to have a washer again, to not have to ration towels, and to not have to visit the expensive laundromat again!

I hope your week is passing nicely, and eager anticipation fills you all as we wait for the birth of Jesus.

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  1. Hi Nicole,

    Your children are sweet and delightful! I agree, I love the colors in the shawl you made for your grandmother. You are blessed to have that kind of talent! I pray this last phase of your pregnancy goes swiftly with less hip pain! Merry Christmas!


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