Saturday, November 19, 2011

Thanksgiving School Fun

With only a few days next week, and plenty to fit in, the kids are taking a break from their normal school schedule for some fun Thanksgiving "school." In addition, on Monday we have our usual AEP class in the afternoon and pottery painting on Tuesday.

To "replace" school for the week, I am printing worksheets from Thanksgiving Printables (both the preschool and kindergarten level - some of the sheets even work with Skipper with slight changes) and from The Simple Homeschool (more Skipper's level but some were ok for Critter). While you're at The Simple Homeschool sign up for the 12 days of freebies starting December 1st (you have to subscribe to be on their "secret" list). I also found a cute activity page for both boys, as well as a fill in the story and mini book for Skipper. To wrap up their activity "books," I printed out some coloring sheets (this allows Miss Bear to take part too): cornucopia and various other sheets here (praying pilgrims, pilgrim with native American, and turkey). All this will be very casual. We'll sit down at the usual school time but the kids can pick and choose what they want to do.

Artwork for the week is a simple fingerprint turkey craft that the kids can wrap and glue around an empty toilet paper roll for a table decoration. This would make a cute card too. Maybe I'll have them do some cards to give to family on Thursday since it's so simple. One day we'll read The First Thanksgiving story and make maple syrup popcorn balls (a tradition). And when all else fails (or to help fill in the rainy days coming next week), some online games and puzzles.

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