Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Patriotic Alphabet Parade: "H"olidays

This was actually last week's AEP class letter. I am already losing track of the days! The kids spent some time having fun with U.S. specific holidays as well as holidays celebrated worldwide.

Our format week-to-week is pretty consistent:

  • sing ABC song have a grab bag with letter of the week items (H: hat, hood, heart, hair, head, hands, house, hammer, hippo, horse, hog)
  • read "My 'h' Sound Box" book by Jane Belk Moncure
  • practice letter writing and color a picture using the pages I created (H is for Holidays: Pre-K version or Kindergarten version)
  • eat a snack (hummus and carrots) and read a book about a U.S. holiday
  • craft time:
    • craft: holiday collage. I printed off various U.S. holiday images for the kids to glue on their paper and then they filled in the collage with bits of holiday extras (ribbons, stickers, cards, etc.).
    • letter collage using collage sheets I made (H is for Hearts - using heart stickers).
  • Played Holiday Bingo.
At home, I took Critter's papers, finished what I needed to with him, and continued work on his alphabet scrapbook. Here is what I came up with:

Handwriting/coloring page.

The collage sheet - Critter loves blue, but there are a few hearts in there.

The holiday collage sheet.

Holiday Bingo game.

Yesterday the kids learned all about the Letter "I" for Inventors and Immigrants (coming soon!). Next week we have off, but then the kids will come back for "J" is for Jazz.

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