Friday, November 11, 2011

Baby Stuff

I am now over 32 weeks pregnant, and if my doctor has her way, that means 47 days until baby time. 47... it seems like such a large number, doesn't it? But it isn't! Not really. Not when I think about what needs to be done prior to that - for the baby, for the house, for school, for other things.

We have no names. Ok, ok, we have a girl's name but still have yet to agree on a middle name, and all the boys' names I have come up with have been shot down. Pray that this is a girl to make it easier on us!

We have a baptism date set but no godparents. It is difficult to choose when one side of the family is not Catholic and the other side does not practice. And I have only really begun lately to develop friendships with other Catholic ladies.

Half of Miss Bear's room is in disarray, waiting for a shelving unit so I can go through her toys and the baby stuff to make sure we have everything we need. Thank goodness this will be accomplished this weekend (the shelving unit part - the one from our storage unit that I have asked my husband since August to get for me).

My school storage area is in shambles since I have shoved items off that way without taking the time to store them correctly. (Hey, going up/down stairs is rough!) I hope to get to putting things away this weekend. And, as far as school, I know the kids will be on break for awhile but I plan on reading - a lot - having Skipper practice reading, and perhaps keeping up with Skipper's astronomy since he loves it so much. Dad will just have to chip in with the projects.

I am currently working on our Advent plans, keeping them as simple as possible so that I can look ahead into next year to make a few simple plans that we can hopefully carry out. Everything really depends on this baby's temperament, doesn't it?

Next month will be a time of stocking up some food for post-baby. I hope to have some family baking days to put away some bread and rolls. Marinate some meats to keep in the freezer. And perhaps even chop up vegetables to pop into the oven to roast. I also have a few dishes to prep ahead of time to store - an enchilada bake, a chicken chimichanga kind of recipe, and a beef-mushroom in white sauce lasanga. Sweet Sundays in December will be cookies so I can save half for the first few weeks of baby. And just prior to baby's arrival I need to bake Critter's birthday cake so all I have to do is ice and decorate it. Lots of time in the kitchen! But that is where I am most days.

And finally, the anxiety of baby time is there. I try to offer it up in prayer but I do not think I am able to do it 100%... yet. Because of fast deliveries and large babies, my doctor wants to induce me right at 39 weeks (Miss Bear was 10 lbs, 12 oz and born in 45 minutes, en-route to the hospital, one day past her due date - on the day I was actually to be induced with her!). But that seems so early to me. None of my children were born before their due date except for Skipper, who was induced for medical reasons at 39 weeks. However, I am positive he would have exceeded his due date. And his induction was no fun, but thankfully quick (8 hours total for a first-time mom). Childbirth is not fun - it's painful - but Skipper's induction was by far the worst as far as pain. So that worries me. My doctor says she just wants to start by breaking my waters and hoping that gets everything going and I will not need pitocin. But I still feel anxious. And worried that this one will make its entrance before its due date. Especially since my odd experience the other night. I think I was having contractions in my back. My back was hurting - not abnormal - but then it would tighten and hurt worse for about 30 seconds or so before letting up. My stomach did not seem to contract though, until I sat up. Eventually I went to bed and by morning I felt fine.

Now that this post is way long, I should get going and feed my kids their breakfast!


  1. So Nicole, what date are they inducing you? Must be close to my Jan 3rd C-section?

    You are way ahead of me, that's for sure on all you are doing!!! Not knowing the sex of this baby is driving me crazy, I usually have the clothes all ready to go, I almost dread it now, because I need to do both sexes!!

    We have the same godparent problems, If we ever get pregnant again, we'd have to start over with the same godparents!! You could do that you know, that wouldn't be bad.

    Pray with the kiddos and God will tell you the name. He knows already and has from the beginning of time! He will place it on your hearts.

    God bless you!!
    You are doing so much!

  2. Thanks Jamie. Not knowing the sex isn't too hard for me, though I wanted to know at one point. We use neutral clothes those first weeks (seriously, the babies aren't in much other than gowns and onesies anyway). If it's a boy, we'll pull out what we have. If it's a girl, it's shopping time (our girl is a summer baby). I do take a girl/boy outfit for the hospital though, just for fun.

    My due date is Jan 4th so 39 weeks is Dec 28th (Wed).

  3. Yay, so you get that tax deduction this year? My hubby wishes we could too!! haha!!

    We live in MN, so need much warmer things than gowns and onsies and after 4 girls, well, we have lots and lots of pink!! haha! I'm sure when I go back and look at my son's stuff, we have lots more neutral stuff. (I am excited about that)

    I'm glad you are feeling better today (your latest post) It is funny how much we forget. I had contractions this past Sunday all day (nothing regular or hard) at 32 weeks, my water broke with my son (the first one) so If I make it to past that, it will be fine!!

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Yep, the tax deduction, that seems what everyone is excited about. ;)

    We live in OH, so though not quite as cold as MN, we do have our winters. But my babies tend to run hot so at home gowns with onesies and a blanket do the trick. Obviously a bit different to head out.

    And I am glad as far as I am in the pregnancy. Should anything "happen" it should be ok. There are never guarantees but the odds are so much better. I keep having odd periods of almost regular contractions but it never lasts past the time I should call the doc. Pregnancy...

    Have a beautiful weekend yourself!

  5. I'll be praying for you. We had the same problem with lack of godparent candidates. Not sure what we'll do for any future babies. I also take the doctor's opinion as advice, then pray about it, and then let him/her know my decision. You never HAVE to be induced (well, I'm sure there are medical emergencies and special cases). I personally, always refuse inductions. I believe that your body knows what to do. Of course there are those special cases...but I think doctors get a little induction happy. I'll keep praying for you, Nicole. Above all, you need peace about the birth, not anxiety. Blessings.

  6. Thanks Elisa. I know I don't NEED to be induced, but I have been torn over it a bit. Now that I've read that I was already 3-4cm dilated and 50% effaced by 38 weeks with my last one, I am not so concerned. I did tell my dr that I feel confident having a bigger baby than the last - she laughed (in a nice way). What scares me the most is the fast delivery. I tend to bleed quite a bit and the fast deliveries are hard on the babies. How long would it take for someone to reach us? Plus, what if it's the middle of a snow storm on New Year's Eve? Ahh! :) Still praying for a peaceful decision.


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