Sunday, October 9, 2011

U.S. States Study: Week 4

Connecticut & Rhode Island

It was Skipper's turn to make a boat. He has yet to see if it works in water because showers are the thing now with him. (Though I seriously doubt it would float anyway!). And naturally, he enjoyed his "treasure map" since he just loves maps. I am thinking that geocaching with his dad and brother next year would be a fun thing.


Outside of his co-op class, we put together his scrapbook pages and had a little music time listening - and trying to learn - the words to Yankee Doodle, the state's official anthem.
Page 1: state flag with state info, space for future postcard, state map that flips up to show U.S. map, coin

Page 2: state flower (mountain laurel), state bird (American Robin), lyrics to the song Yankee Doodle, picture of Yankee Doodle, space to put a picture of his sailboat

Rhode Island

Skipper loves his sticker map of New York, and he actually enjoyed coloring the Statue of Liberty. He let me color his bluebird. I just love bluebirds and could not stand to see it stay black and white.

Page 1: space for future postcard, coin, flag and info, state map that flips up to show U.S. map with state colored in

Page 2: "story" of Thomas Tew that opens up and then flips up to see a map of Connecticut and Rhode Island (Skipper's "treasure map"), state flower (violet), state bird (Rhode Island red chicken)

This week he looks forward to learning about  Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

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